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He's rockin' the "Nuttin Special"!
Nov 15, 2013
Flawda Flats
to the job! I've been working on doing a ceiling in the Florida room at my daughter's house. I cut the trees. Cut the logs into lumber on my sawmill. My daughter and grandboy moved most of the lumber over on the trailer I made for her. This week all I needed to do was get some of the other pieces over there to start putting it up. She's now back in school as a teacher because her summer vacation ran out. Same for the grandboy. My buddy Jr offered to haul it over on a trailer and help put it up but that has been a no go for all week. He just hasn't been able to do it because of work. Well, ok, where there's will, there's a way. My hillbilly ways will figure it out usually. What you are looking at is a device that was made to haul boats and canoes and such on top of a vehicle. It's a simple thing. Threaded shank at the bottom fits into your trailer hitch hole. The top is made like a transom clamp for an outboard motor. It's adjustable for height and the clamp pivots. I made it work from there! I hauled it two towns west of here this am without issues.




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Heheh! thanks guys! Usually I have my C10 to haul my trailers. Unfortunately I'm working on it in the barn. It's been under the knife for a few weeks and is not running right now. The previous owner did some really screwed up things that has plagued me all the time I've had it. Seems he used a sawsall to cut some speaker holes in the top of the dash. Well he made some speaker holes alright. He also cut the printed circuit board that feeds all the gauges. I've been just quick patching circuits while I've had it to maintain a running truck. I pulled it into the barn in order to get rid of all the problems when I realized all the cut up stuff has caused issues in the fuse box. After some extreme testing the last time in, I decided it needed to be totally rewired to get rid of the crosses occurring in the fuse panel. After all the problems I've encountered having really melted some of the panel, I decided to put a new fuse panel in. Once I was under the dash for a long minute, I decided to eliminate all the stuff that hasn't worked since I've had it. The truck originally had AC and heater and an ungodly amount of wiring to nowhere??? After the idiocy-ectomy, I pulled it all. I put the new panel in and wired a few things but not done yet. I put the panel on top of the inner fender, driver's side...easy to get to and better on this 72 year old chassis I haul around (hate crawling upside down under a dash just to see the panel).
I'm not using a new harness. I'll wire it with heavy duty wire and route what circuits I want. Probably fashion a new dash and gauge cluster too! I'll keep it simple like most of my stuff. Probably lost about 50 lbs of non working bs. The bed is almost full of under dash hoohah...:D
Creativity in action. Don't scratch the paint.

paint??? Funny memory here. The day I tagged it(3-31-2015), The lady at the tag office, the same one that made me bring the truck to the office for them to actually see it, told me that if I ever change the truck from the original color listed on the title, which was "white", I would have to come back in to re-register it. Never heard such bs before...The only thing white on that A model is the steering dampener that I installed. I can only imagine there are thousands of cars around here that aren't the original color and none match their titles. There's taxation without representation for ya! If the law ever pulls me over and asks about why it's not white, I'll point to the dampener...:rolleyes:
Hey Small Foot

I commend you for using your ole hot rod to actually earn its keep...

I have tried to for years but my ADHD kicks in and I usher in the next project to keep me from having too much time on my hands...

I really wish I had the patience to keep them once they run and drive...

Love love seeing them out in the wild...feral ole hot rods are a super rare site in my neck of the woods (upstate New York)...

Thanks for sharing...

Mike, I'm sure some of my shenanigans wouldn't fly in some other states, but the law around here is pretty cool. The only thing they could mess with me on mine is fenders. I have all the safety equipment and lights an A model never had.
I live in a very affluent wasn't when I was was very it is money money money...and not rural anymore either...

Somebody would call somebody or take my plate number...

I love the rebel in you...

Building and driving your own stuff....

Keep posting stuff like this...

You make my day when I read it...


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