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never cared for floyd cotterpen but that car could be a cool ride in the right hands. on another note i had never seen it before.
This could be pretty cool...



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These are a right and left hand rotation 354 Chrysler hemi out of a boat. Well worth the $800
These sell for around $3500 EACH any day of the week
wow !!! treasure !!! some oughta get there quick !! good find Smallfoot.. --

let me know if you have a spare I can save up for
I thought that ad might perk a few guys up...but I'm a Chevy guy[ddd:D

I still have the option of one of these for my Dodge. IT's the one I found when looking at motor options for the wooden boat project.
I will have to do some more research into it as it may take more then a reasonable amount of work to get them in automotive trim.
OI is right about the prices though.:eek:

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