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Another day, another step in the right direction. Keep pluggin away at it.
Your last pic looks like you've got a glowing light at the end of the tunnel.
I didn't realize you still had to do the door top on the passenger side. Looking good! Hope you can keep at it during the winter.

The passenger side door top is chopped and just tacked together, snopro.
I didn’t finish it yet due to the hinge issues.
I want to get the second hinge on it before I set the final gaps and such. And cut the curve into the upper frame rear corner.
Thanks everyone for the encouragement.
Keep on keeping on,,,,,
Glad to hear the wedding went well. And yes for father of the bride I didn't realize all that was involved [S
The custom is coming along. [cl Help is always helpful:p
As you say "Keep On Keeping On" [P
Thanks for all the comments gang😎
Replenished some supplies today.
I still need to price out another 4x8 sheet of 18 gauge.😳


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congrats on the wedding milestone torchie!

there is a local guy selling 5x10 18ga sheets for $100! I wish i needed some.
Metals depot wants $259 for a 4x8 18ga sheet around here.

The 4x8 I bought last time was $80.
When I picked up the steel plate from my supplier he said to expect the price to be at least double that, now.
I’ll settle for that rather then what you posted bruno.
I’ll let everyone know what I find out.
crazy inflation going on.
I never payed more than € 25,- plus tax, ( say $35,- ) for a 3.2x6.5 19ga. sheet. Luckily I still have good stock but I recently got a new price of €90,- +tax ( +/- $ 130,-) for the same size.... [S
I need to buy a sheet of 18 gauge for future projects, but I can wait. Right now, I am repurposing a lot of used steel.
I need to buy a sheet of 18 gauge for future projects, but I can wait. Right now, I am repurposing a lot of used steel.

no kidding, steel prices have actually gone down, except at the steel seller. I am making do with all my odds and ends waiting for the price to finally catch up
Just talked to my steel supplier.
4x8-18 gauge. $150.00
Almost double my last sheet but less then I expected.
Unles I want a lot of seams I will probably need 2 sheets.
Now we know.
Toe kicks fitted. Then I trimmed the floor piece and set it in the car.
Keep on keeping on.......


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