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They take vehicles whole around here.

They do here as well, OI. You have to have a title with it though. We will cut it apart as we font have a big enough trailer to get it to the yard red intact.
I don’t even know what scrap is going for right now.
It wont be the first wreck that I have cut apart.
man torchie i cant believe how much work it takes to make a hot rod look like it was no work at all. [S

scrap was super high there for a bit, now its cooled off and is lower again, i have seen speculation that metal frames buildings will cost less than timber building this time next year.

keep going, slowly if necessary! [cl[cl[cl
I am sure it is down here as well. Hence my issues finding someone to scrap it.
I'm going to go to my metal supplier and see what he has in house for 18 gauge. I may be able to get enough to get back to working on the Dodge.
Elvis has left the building....

The donor Dodge hit the road for that great scrap pile in the sky.
It served me well.
Now I can roll the Caddy out if I need to.


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Indeed it did. soltz.

Lol . Despite all appearances ZZ, these guys were good.
When they roiled up and i saw their trailer 😳.
I knew it was cool when the guy backed right down the drive to the donor. I could see he knew what he was doing.
Here and gone in about 30 minutes.😎😎
Adios to a good donor.
We've got a salvage yard here that sets all the vintage vehicles aside so pickers can get what they need before crushing the remnants.
This was delivered today.
He came while I was at PT.:eek:
I can't lift it, but i can drag it.
Dragged it into the shop. It was like dragging a dead body.(Don't ask how I know.):eek::p
Getting set up to get back to the custom.:cool::cool:


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I love the smell of new sheet metal in the morning. Or something like that. Our local supplier sells 30" by 48" sheets for slightly more. The convenience makes up for it.
Nothing like a sheet of new steel. It's like a blank canvas waiting to be painted.:D[cl:cool:
Taking a day off from the caddy, tomorrow.
It's going to be a Custom Dodge day.:cool::cool:
Hump? What hump......

Didn't get out to the shop as early as I wanted too.
Let's cut up some new metal.
I suspect my right elbow will be reminding me I have gout tomorrow.:eek:[ddd
Sometimes a guy needs another hand. That 18 gauge bends harder than you would think.:eek:
This cover will be removable.
Not sure what I am working on tomorrow(If anything.) It will depend on how I feel as the heat is really hard on ole Torchie.
Stay cool everyone.:cool: :cool:
Keep on keeping on.........
Tired out Torchie.


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