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Sep 2, 2013
My rat rod is on a long wheel base S10 frame that I shortened.
The drive shaft was a two piece, and now that I have to get a new one,
I definitely want to get a one piece drive shaft. I took the two piece to
a local driveline shop and asked about increasing the length of the longest
pieced of the two piece drive shaft, and they said it would not be a good idea
and that I just need to find a one piece drive shaft to shorten to the length I
need. They also said they don't think one out of a short wheel base S10 or
blazer would work. Why is that?
They suggested one out of a camaro. I'm keeping the positive traction rear
end on the rat rod. Any suggestions from anyone on here on what drive shaft
I need to look for? I don't even know where to start.

Thanks for any advice
If i was in your position id Google some custom drive shaft places and give them a call. Explain to them exactly what you have and what you want to do. They'll be able to let you know your options. Also you'd be getting more opinions on the subject other than the shop you already went to, maybe they don't know something another shop does.

If you cant make a drive shaft from another vehicle work maybe the answer is you do need a custom. They probably aren't that cheap but at least you'd know its going to work and be reliable.

Other than that i cant really offer any help. I'd just do as much research as possible and talk to a bunch of different folks and try to make a plan. Good luck. I hope someone else is more knowledgeable than me on drive lines.

I rarely take in a driveshaft to be modified, I simply take measurements and they hand me back a completed driveshaft. The driveline shop I use keeps tubing and the proper ends in stock so everything I get back has never been on a car.

Ask your shop if they can do that for your or maybe you need to find a different shop.

Thanks guys. I'll check out another local driveline shop and see what they
say. What is a ballpark price on a driveshaft they have that you can buy?
I measure from the oil seal of the tail housing and to the bottom of where the cup sits on the rear end . and find another drive-shaft that is that length or longer .. then they can just cut the length of the shaft you need , and weld it back up, looking for a shaft , you also have to get the same (automatic or standard transmission) as you have in your truck A standard shift trans has bigger splines than the automatic..Its hard to add to a drive-shaft because it will make it un-balanced in the middle because of weight of weld , better off to get a longer one just measure , and then measure one under a short wheel base to see if its long enough , Im sure it will be . But I have been wrong a time or two today :D
i shortened a s10 frame and had a drive shaft made to fit, later found out that my 81 pu shortbx truck was the same length, if you have an auto wreckers handy go check out the malbu,s and mid size gm cars
I agree with custom. Probably the easiest rathar than digging to fond one with just the right stuff.
I had swapped out my steel 2 piece shaft on my long bed, crew cab cummins for a 6" aluminum 1 piece, but I used a factory take off from a different truck and had it shortened.
With a mish-mash of parts, I vote custom. Probably not as expensive as you might think, and it'll be exactly what you need.

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