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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
Our 05 Expy is still a good vehicle, just getting on up there in age and mileage, around 225,000 on it now. Other than the tick it's had for as long as I can remember, it still runs fine. Every 4.6 and 5.4 I've seen has that tick, some say cam followers, some say it's the cam phasers, I don't know. It just goes, gets about 15-17 mpg still, and is comfortable to ride in. The front heated leather seats have started busting open, the back seat windows are quirky sometimes, just little things, but she has gotten scared of it, afraid to go off very far in it. We've had it about 5 years now I think, so the car bug hit her. Started looking around, she didn't want another Expy, wanted something a little smaller. My demands list was short, V6 power at the least, rear wheel drive, SUV, no on the ground cars I would have trouble getting into and out of. That list left FORD out, all their stuff is FWD anymore, and with the ****poor quality of the last 10 years from them, I didn't really want another FORD anyway, not even another Expy.

Looked at all brands, domestic and import. She decided she wanted another Jeep Grand Cherokee. She loved the other one we had 10 years ago. So, we limited our search to that model, specially 2011 and newer, we didn't like the front styling of the 2010 and back ones. Plenty of choices, plenty of price range, V6 powered all the way to the SRT Hellcats, Woo Hoo! Two wheel drive, four wheel drive, all wheel drive, anything you wanted. I figured two wheel drive would work fine for us, not going off roading, got the pickup for that. Looked at several, pulled the plug on this one.

2012 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 3.6 V6, 5 speed automatic, two wheel drive. Just over 125,000 miles, runs so smooth and quiet you can't feel or hear it. Surprising power for a V6, yet knocking down 20+ MPG. Too much electrical junk, but everything is that way nowadays. Got that stupid pushbutton start that I'm not a fan off. Should make her a good car. Not getting rid of the Expy just yet, still plan on using it around here. Stayed in my normal buying cycle, 10 years old or older, 100,000 miles or a few more, and less than $10g. Had to give a little more than I'd normally pay for this one, but prices are up across the board. Pickups as old as my 99 are bringing as much or more than I paid for it! Sorta wanted to get a 3/4 ton for myself, looking at prices, I think I'll keep what I got!


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Congrats on the new to you vehicle.
My Son-in-law and Daughter have one and my youngest grandson and his girl friend have one.
They all love theirs.
I didn't know you could get one in 2WD. I bet they don't even sell any that way up here. Looks like a nice clean unit, I hope it serves her well!

Not as much need for 4wd down here, we don’t get the snows like y’all get. The AWD is probably pretty nice on wet roads though. The 98 we had about 10 years ago was 2wd, too. I won’t ever have a pickup that isn’t 4wd though, I get off road a good bit hauling and pulling stuff, 2wd doesn’t cut it, too easy to get stuck.
My daughter also loves the Cherokees, her first was a 2 door 96 with 4WD which I ended up using for a few years. I loved it.

Recently she bought a 2005 Grand that had the turbo diesel V6, apparently so rare, that she was offered more than she paid for it and sold it.

Now she has the '07 5.7 Hemi. Taking after dad I guess...

Great motors if you can keep rockers on them:D. Would have loved to have bought one of the SRT cars with the blower but I’d had to have also bought interest in a tire store!:eek::eek:

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