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I finally started buying suspension parts. I'm using off the shelf big rig parts. They are surprisingly affordable. 4 link bars are $50 each and mount with 1" bolts. I will make something similar to the Ridewell screen shot.


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Started pre-mockup to try and figure out frame height. Looks like the limiting factor is how much to not stuff the 255/70r22.5 into the fender. No idea how much wheel travel to plan for on something like this. This is what 5-6" looks like. It is around 5" lower than stock truck sits now. Not "Low", but maybe enough to look good.

If this is the right height, this frame should be super simple. Maybe no touching required up front. Frame is like 20 inches off dirt. Top of axle is at 11 inches. That's 9 inches for suspension to fit. Hopefully this is enough.


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My latest marketplace scores...a pair of super singles and a medium duty Mack radiator.


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I think I figured out that need to drop the heck out of it to make me happy. It needs to look like a super sized version of this truck.


to do that, I think I'm going to have to do a step notch up front. Something like this....


I did get the steering box and pedal assembly off of it. 3/4 bolts and Florida rust wasn't much fun.

I think I might have mental issues for trying this. These tires are huge.

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A family from another part of the world could live in that cab. Hurry up and get it done so we can have the pleasure of viewing it.

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