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Sometimes, guys can get away with a flatbed on a two ton with dual wheels, but on a pick-up, you have to have a nice tin box. That's my vote.

This thing is going to be a 2 ton with dual wheels. But I think I am going to build a pickup bed for it.


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Love those old split windshield cabs...looks awesome in the pics...

Keep up the good work...


I am happy with the cab so far. The styling looks like it will blend in with the art deco styling of the Seagrave firetruck. It has some rust, but no wood.

The only work so far has been dreaming. The next step is where the work begins.

The trick is going to be to make this big thing look low and sleek...something like this Diamond T....except 1.5 times the size.


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Somebody posted this on Facebook. It is supposedly a factory built cab. It sure looks like what I want to build minus the extended cab.

Changing the firewall and blending the shapes in the cowl is where the real fun will be. It helps to see this has actually been done before. The corner of the cowl/windshield post is less dramatic on this one versus my stock Seagrave. Or the funky cab that was at frog follies.


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Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into? This Oshkosh snow plow cab is big, but the Seagrave firetruck stuff is bigger. 5.5 inches bigger at the firewall. The yellow cab is very wedge shaped. I am pretty sure the cab was built by TCM. I think they modified existing cab pieces to make a cab to oshkosh specs. The top roof pieces look like they were stamped for a wider cab and pulled in to fit this cab shape. The posts are also really narrow for the time period. I think I need to spread the front of the cab a bit and graft in Seagrave windshield post/door post material. In addition to making the hood line up with the cab, I will get my doors to fit flush. This really will be a one of one when I get through with it.


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More pics


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I was thinking the same thing. It's in a class of it's own. You got a good deal with the hood and all...
Bostrom is still in business. Somebody there may be able to tell what that seat was designed to fit and narrow the cab's maker down...
I agree I'd leave it alone as much as possible. But no matter what you do it's going to be very cool
One way or another, it will probably need to be cut on. Even if I get the firewall width sorted with little drama, I will probably have to section the cab a couple of inches when I do the rust repair. The height to the window sill is 30 inches on the seagrave and 34 on old yeller. I m almost going to have to slide the cab on the frame and play with he lines to see what needs to happen. I really want to keep as much of the Seagrave styling as possible. I think these are prettier than over the road trucks of the time period.

Another thing to deal with, the grill shell is an aluminum casting. I don't think it can be altered. The build choices need to start at the grill and work rearward. No such thing as buying a 2" sectioned grill shell like you can on a 32 ford.


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What I want to know is, were you making vroom vroom noises while sitting in the cab .....:cool::D

You can weld cast aluminum, to section the shell, you'd need to do pie cuts at the corners also, since it tapers from top to bottom.

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