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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
Finally got the chance to get the Lincoln out and go somewhere yesterday. Went over to Fayette AL to the annual cruise in. Driving impressions with the new powerplant--drove decent, seems to have plenty of power even with the old plugs and wires I have on it right now. Transmission shifts hard.....too much. Can't stay in OD with the 3:00 gears unless you're running 60-65, and can't do that right now due to the driveshaft. Definitely got to put in the 3:55's this winter. On a good note, a friend told me of a place to get my driveshaft re-tubed, so got to get that done soon. The new power steering make it a breeze to drive, but I've got a hard spot where it feels like the wheel might be rubbing the column housing, got to check that out. Also has a bit of wander now, I'm thinking a stabilizer will fix that. All in all, I'm happy with the way it preformed. Temp never got above 190, oil pressure was 25 or 50, depending on which gauge you looked at, don't know what's up with that as they are on a T, one time the manual gauge would read the highest, next time the electric one would. Neither got below 25 going down the road, so I guess it's OK.

Anyways, here's a few pics of stuff that interested me. The red Skyliner and red Sunliner were especially cool, seldom see either at a show. And that Chevy II was bad ass!


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