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Finished the drill overhaul / upgrade.
It runs super smooth. The manual 4sp transmission (!) :D can be pushed into gear from neutral when running, so thats nice. 125/ 250/ 375/ 500 rpm
These machines were for blacksmith shops specific. There were 2 models available this one and an identical one but with auto feed added.
From what info I can find, these drills were made from 1914 up to [cl


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thanks guys. I`m happy with the result. The only thing left to do is get the hydraulic clamp mounted correctly.
It`s a tad modern for the drill but at the end of the day I have it in the shop to be used. That big clamp is no overkill. When the drill bites, something will break. I don`t care as long as it`s not my bones. :eek:

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