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Feb 28, 2015
I've owned countless cars, not many of them were customs or hotrods, but I have lived long enough to know I'd better get started if I ever plan to build something to show off the talent that's hiding behind this growing forehead, haha.

I've always kind of been drawn towards Ford products, my earliest memories were spent riding to Grandmas house in East Texas, in a 66 Country Sedan(Galaxie station wagon to you non Ford nuts out there) Later on in my late teens, my Dad had a rat rod( not on purpose)65 Ford truck. He had big dreams for it, but never was able to get around to it. I am doing this in his memory as much as for me.

I've always been a hands on guy, and even got an ASE cert for automotive refinishing. I kind of gave that up when life got in the way. I spent ten years on the road with my significant other of 20 years, while she worked for Phantom Of the Opera. Reality pretty much doesn't exist when you live on the road, let me tell you.

Anyways I am rambling... haha...

My project of choice is a 1950 Ford F-1 truck, that I plan to build a full custom from. It was pulled out of a pole barn behind the auto parts store I work for. For $500, it was mine. A steal!! That's a 1970's price for one of these, for you youngsters just getting into the hobby.

I already have much of it apart, and in the last couple of weeks I braced the cab, to begin the top chop. I plan to go three inches. Also in the plans are a full rewiring, 3 inch front drop axle, Z'd rear frame, custom running boards, smoothed drip rails, etc etc etc.. The whole deal pretty much. I have the time and the tools, so I might as well go for it. Now that the time change has happened, and the weather is improving, nothing holding me back...!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this rambling tale....

Oh almost forgot the best part... After sitting nearly 30 years in a pole barn, the flathead V-8 roared to life, like it was driven last week!! Truly amazing! Damn right it's staying in the truck! If I sell the truck eventually, I am keeping the flatty and building something around it....[ddd
Hi and welcome to RRR from northern Alberta.
I also have an original flathead with rebuilt water pumps, in a '36 Ford truck.A T-5 goes behind the flattie nicely.
Keep on tinkering.
Welcome to Triple RRR

Always up for another chop top.
Your photobucket link did not work[S might try it again.
Keep in touch
welcome to rrr, from a texan in bama. houston was home for many years. look forward to your build.
Hmm, not sure why the link turned out that way.... Weird.. Lemme try that again. Thanks for the welcome(s). My truck will probably become a full Kustom before I am done. I will probably eventually sell it, and buy something more car oriented. I don't hate trucks though, not by a long shot. I just want something a little more late 40's to mid 50's style lead sled, with a chopped top, tuck and roll, candy paint, etc. I am cutting my teeth on this one, and hopefully will sell it for enough to get well along on another project. I have painting experience, pretty decent with welding, etc. I only wish I had an english wheel, shrinker, etc.
Welcome form the wet side of Oregon. This is a great place to hang out and learn. And share what you have to offer.
Hello from another fellow Houstonian. Several big events coming up. Legends Nostalgia Drags in Sealy, Lonestar Round up in Austin and the Hot Rod Hoedown in Waller.

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