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As I was driving out of the infield at Daytona at the Turkey Run I saw that purple truck. At first I thought it was just unfinished because I only could see the backside. But I have seen it a few times posted and now realize that is the look they wanted. It's different, that's for sure. Well done but I'm not sure I like it much.


here is something i built for my brother from a pos he had. somebody tried to make a trike out of with 7 ft handelbars,center steer, manual clutch three speed.

This isn't as over the top goofy as some of the posts but a favorite aircraft rivit job.


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And this Rolls with a Merlin. The man had to move to another country because Rolls Royce took him to court so he couldn't drive it in England anymore.


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ive personally saw that car in tombstone arizona cool quarter elliptical suspension


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