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I'm not sure where you got that idea,, but the car is alive and well, It took "best of show" at the Labor day show in 06,(Magna Utah), and was driven to the 07 show where it was featured on the participatation plaques which were given out.
Trying to load pictures but they won't work!

i cant figure out why it didnt take the saftey award to!
Finally realized I had some pics that fit here :D


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Oh yeah,, the other end of the last one.


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Is that the dash in the B'lene special Gas?

Yes it is earthman. I thought it was kind of different so I posted it. Did you notice that the engines in that dragster have completely different types of blowers. The front engine has some type of crank mounted roots type supercharger and the rear engine is sporting a Potvin.

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