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May 18, 2007
from friendswood, texas, I have been hot rodding for years, I own 8 bikes and some 4 wheel things too.
I have a turbocharged Harley Roadster I built and am shopping for a rat rod to start on. I have a hemi with dust on it just waiting.
I do powdercoating for a crapload of forums, from show cars to rat rods and bikes, I powder all:D

Welcome to the forum! This is a great bunch of guys & thanks for intro'n yourself. We'd love to see photos of your rides. Have a look around and make yourself at home. As you can see this is a moderated forum, take care!
Watch out Flatster! Another Lone Star boy!

Rat Rod Mod
perfect, a local and provides a service. i will be hitting you up when i get home.

on a side note, i have long tube headers and a pro chamber for my mustang, pm me please sir and let me know the damage.

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