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Avast, you have arrived at Chapter Last.

Full Circle

Well old friend, I have a surprise.
After all these years you shall arise!

Years of siting have taken their toll.
Time for you to Rock and Roll!

You were never happy I suppose.
With that funky streamlined nose.

It took a while before you healed.
When I stripped off your chopped windshield.

The biggest insult I did make
Was when I painted you with purple metalflake.

Although I often heard you grumble.
Because I removed that beautiful flathead rumble.

You started out as my pride and joy.
But became nothing more than a high speed toy.

Just a machine to serve in my quest.
To be known far and wide as one of the best.

Now it's time for a reckoning.
A new vision has come a beckoning.

It took all these years to realize.
You never really wanted the prize.

So it's back to the street for you and me.
The shape you're in now you don't want people to see.

I spent months searching far and wide.
Where could all those original hot rod parts hide?

With the help of the surviving Road Kings.
We found all the pieces and parts and things.

There is one little change in our goals.
You will be fitted with hand controls.

Tomorrow we begin your restoration
When you are done you won't be the best in the nation.

But you will be mine
And you will be fine.

We'll drive to Van Nuys.
Visit with the guys.

Have burgers and fries
Swap stories and lies.

And on the way home with your tail lights aglow.
I'll smell those sweet orange blossoms and enjoy going slow.

We're Home
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Thanks for your support and encouragement, fellas. The next one, soltz? I think all the poetry done flowed out of me. We'll see...
Thanks for your support and encouragement, fellas. The next one, soltz? I think all the poetry done flowed out of me. We'll see...

nope Bob .. stories like that and others to come will surely flow like dark rum

nice work !!!!!!!!!!!
Hey soltz, just yesterday I read through almost all of this thread and the poetry contest that happened in 2011.
Lots more involvement this time. And really good poems too.

Almost all the 2011 contributors are no longer active. A couple for a very sad reason.

This thread has had 37, 699 views. I never woulda thunk it.

Does anyone here know if it is possible to copy a thread to a memory stick? I'd like to save all these fine memories.
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I just wrote a piece and the computer said I wasn't logged on. And I don't type at warp speed. Will try adding it to this post.

Building Time

A cool grey day followed by a night that is freezing.
Forces a northern hot rodder into believing.

That the time has come once again.
To store the coupe, it's almost a sin.

The autumn leaves have lost their beauty.
Must rake them up, it is my duty,

The coupe is winterized and put to bed.
A cold, dark winter, that's what lies ahead.

If you live up north that is what is in store.
We don't go south, not anymore.

I could sit in the Lazy Boy and wait for spring.
No, can't do it, it's not my thing.

There's a barrel stove, I feel the fire.
If I said I liked winter I'd be a liar.

A little wood smoke escapes into the shop.
The blades of the dusty fan spin like a top.

That old stove begins to glow.
It's deliciously warm, let's get on with the show.

Precious hours in the shop, what will I do?
Maybe I'll sit here, crack open a brew.

And look a my project, see what needs to be done.
Ten years on this project, boy it's been fun.

Guess I'll be sanding for a month or two.
Before I start I'll have another brew.

Finally I'm ready, pick up my sanding block.
Then at the door there's a familiar knock.

It's Jim, my old buddy, I know why he's here.
Wants to help me drink the rest of my beer.

So we sit round that wood stove warming our toes.
We talk. we laugh, you know how it goes.

When two old hot rodders get together in the shop.
There's 60 years to remember, it's hard to stop.

We solved all the world's problems, the beer is all gone.
We pick up the sanding blocks, but before very long.

Dave walks in, shakes the snow off his back.
Under his arm is a Budweiser twelve pack.

This story is over, but that's not not how it ends.
My roadster can wait. right now I'm with friends.
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Building Time continued

The beer is gone, Dave is too.
Just Jim and me, we know what to do.

We start sanding, but not with much heart.
I step outside, gotta pee and fart.

Slowly a notion begins to dawn.
This kind of work is taking too long.

For decades I've built in this direction.
Each one better than the last, striving for perfection.

This roadster is taking oh so long.
Afraid before it's finished, I'll be gone.

The kids, the grandkids and even my Honey.
Don't give a hoot, they'd rather have the money.

A legacy is what I've been creating.
The wisdom of that I'm now debating.

Lots of headaches for them, getting rid of my stash.
Better if now I turn them into cash.

But what about this roadster half done?
I will finish it fast and have some fun.

I noticed some hot rods at recent shows.
They were rough, I turned up my nose.

What kind of guy would drive with primer and rust?
I always thought pretty paint was a must.

But the way it is going, three more years on my roadster.
By then I'll be way more than an oldster.

So I threw all my finishing supplies in the trash.
It will save lots of time and a bundle of cash.

Now my hot rod will be done in a jiffy.
Even though it will look kind of iffy.

To create a roadster monument was a temptation.
Now I'll be happy to just call it transportation.

No longer will I have to hire a detailer.
And I can get rid of that enclosed trailer.

Yes, no longer will I fear criticism by my peers.
I'll just sit with those other guys and have me some beers.
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