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I'm not a Poet and I know it.

I bought me some Dodges, really a bunch of Hodge Podges.

Cut me some tin, beat on some tin, and lost me some skin.

Lots of welding, and melding of parts, pieces and scrap, holy cow there was lots of crap.

Wheels and tires and way too many wires.

Had to be a nine inch for all the cubic inch.

Four years of learning, yearing, longing for the rumble and roar of the open road.

Four years of spending, mending, and tending the build thread, all made possible by the great family we call Undead Sleds
Here I sit with the key in the ignition
With great anticipation, I can't wait to hear the engine

I turn the key but, to my surprise the starter is dead and refuses
Now I sit here and to me it confuses

My mind goes over what could be the matter
Then without warning the engine begins to clatter

Man, how I love the sound of a good cam
Now I can go to the restaurant and eat my Green Eggs and Ham
Time's Up!

Okey Dokey

By my count we had eight brave souls contributing eleven poems. Darn fine ones too.
23crate submitted three and Mercury Mac chipped in with two.
Dr C., 05snopro440, smallfoot, Sam Fear, DozerII and Old Iron contributed one each.
Now, to determine who gets the swag. If we're going to have a vote, I need some computer savvy member to step up and set it up. Anyone willing to volunteer?

We're going to need a first, second and third place winner, with earthman's $50 prize going to first place. Crate will have 3 entries and Mac will have two. Let's have voting run 2 weeks with everyone getting one vote.

If no one sets up a voting scheme, well, just post your vote for the poem you like best.

It certainly isn't easy to do something out of one's comfort zone. Writing poetry is about as different from hot rod building as you can get. A much appreciated "Thank You" to everyone who contributed.
The forum gives us the option to create a poll, which I'd be happy to set up... BUT the maximum is 10 choices/entries.

So, I'll suggest two options:

1) Post a quick "elimination round" so the members can choose their favorite entry by MercuryMac and their favorite by 23crate, leaving 8 choices for a final poll.

2) I'll withdraw my pathetic entry, leaving 10 choices.

Either way is fine with me, Bob.

How about a run off for all 5 poems by Mac and crate. Top vote getter for each guy goes in. The next two vote getters regardless of whether Mac or crate wrote them go in too. That gives us 10 poems and Mac and/or crate get more entries, which they deserve. A lot of fooling around to eliminate one poem.

Can this be done, Doc.?
We could do that, Bob. IF we could put 105 entries on the same poll, you can only vote for one, so I think your plan is fair.

No, Small and Doc, your poems should be standing in there.
I was the one hogging the limelight, so I will slide one of mine off to the side. The poem about how I feel about this forum brings me great pride and I hope it touches you but maybe it shouldn't be in the competition. That's another option for you, Bob.
Good luck.
Everyone quit being so generous.[cl We got it figured out. Dr. C. has set up a thread for voting. Much appreciation to the good Doc.[cl[cl

Please go to the Poetry Contest Poll and vote. Only 7 people have voted so far. Like Rat Rod Bob says, "It doesn't cost anything".
Snopro, the only way to break this tie is if Bob relents to my pressure and lets me vote three or four more times. [ddd[ddd[dr[dr

Anyhow, this is a 'bump'.
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