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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
This wheel came off my parts car, I want to restore and use on my Firebird. I plan on buying a leather Wheelskin lace on cover to cover the rim after I trim back the padded area on the spokes. But, there is this hunk missing out of the rim. This is a sponge rubber type rim, real soft, so I want to fill that area with something before I put the leather on. Any ideas what might work? I want it to stay about the same softness, so any bondo or epoxy is out.


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I wish I had another one to cut a piece off of. Guess I might be able to use a piece off of one of the spokes since it's the same softness.
Find a donor, Bama.

I have two GMs in service right now with "soft" rimmed steering wheels. One is a '96 pickup, the other is a 2000 cargo van. There are several others you could chop a piece out of, I'm sure...

What about using a piece of that copper water pipe insulation it is a really dense closed cell foam like that and comes in 1/2 & 3/4 inch ID. The only thing is it might not be available in the South
That foam insulation idea sounds good, i think I have a extra piece around here somewhere. It gets cold enough to freeze uncovered water lines, so we use that stuff, too.

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