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Aug 22, 2013
Wanting to start a thread about hunting, if we have one already mods please delete this one.

Post pictures or whatever you want hunting related. I've been doing a lot of scouting this yr and things are looking pretty good. Have
A few game cameras up goin to check them in a few weeks to see
What we are working with this yr. I hunt the NF here in Texas so hopefully the government shutting down doesn't put a holt to my yr.
Don't know if I'll get to do much hunting this year but this guy and his big brother have been hanging around my house lately.......

......sorry for the bad pic but they don't always like to pose in the open :D
If only it had been during season

But it wasn't so I shot him with a camera.
Seems like I enjoy that more as I get older.


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He's no monster BUT he sure is unique. He was almost all white.

Also did my very first European mount. Now just trying to figure out what kind of plaque to make for it

Pops....I had to fly out to AZ a few weeks ago

But it wasn't so I shot him with a camera.
Seems like I enjoy that more as I get older.

to handle some family matters....was driving up the 260 to Payson and darn near ran into one of them there Elks....I was astounded at the size of the thing next to my Mitsubishi rental was huge!! :eek:

Also, that deer is awesome!!! never saw one white totally....
Not exactly hunting but my favorite shooting is prairie dogs. I have a vintage Sako L46 222 and it's quite a sport making those 300+ yard shots on the little pests.I've made shots over 500 yards on a still day.
Here is mine from a couple years back. Too good not to post up again.

That thing is a beast! Nice elk man. I was thinking of doing an elk hunt in CO next yr we own some property in south central CO in conejos county off of 17 just north of chama nm. I've seen some nice 400+ elk back up in there
Wow Bonehead... that is some trophy!!! Last week right B4 the season started here in Tejas... people around here were sighting in their guns in the afternoons. I'm pretty familiar with the sound of hunting rifles but someone was shooting a VERY large gun. Sounded like one of those 50cal rifles. Don't know what it was but believe me... if they hit a deer with that cannon... I doubt there would be much left to find or eat. Hopefully they weren't really hunting with it! :eek::eek::eek:

Last time I went... I got a nine pointer! Have the rack in my shop!

i have been wanting to go pig hunting with one of my bigbore handguns for a while now.
think a .454 casull will do the trick?:rolleyes:

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