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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
That's about the way it felt. Boxes full, had to hunt when I needed something that I didn't use regular. Every horizontal surface piled up. Got tired of looking at it, decided I had to do something. Been looking for a 52" Husky box, Home Depot didn't have any in stores close by. Could have ordered one, but I didn't want to wait a couple of weeks. Still looking at their website, noticed they had the 46" box just like the one I already had marked down to $450. Got to looking at the difference in price of the 46" and 52", dang, $150! For 6"! Too much for so little difference. But, my local store didn't have the 46" either, I had to go over to Birmingham to get it. They had one, but it was a scratch and dent, I figured what the heck, I'd go look at it anyway. Got there, and it had a bad dent on one side, the bottom drawer would open, barely. Had a scrape on the back, but that was going against the wall, so no biggie. They gave me $75 off since it was damaged, so I ended up just over $400 tax and all. Didn't take but a few minutes to push out the side with a jack, left a little dent, but so what, it's a tool box, not a piece of furniture in the living room! Spent all day yesterday getting it fixed and in place, lots of cleanup and tossed a bunch of stuff, why did I keep that junk anyway? New box made my old Snap On box and lower look crappy, so I painted them both. Now everything on that side of the shop is black except the old fridge I keep my welding stuff and spray paints in. May paint it too, undecided yet. Took these pics yesterday, been out there today working on the overhead cabinet. It's better, but I still need to go through the inside and toss more junk. Then I have my table where my grinder sits to tackle, that'll take another day!


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Nice! I once had all my tools in these metal desk drawers that I bolted up under a work bench surface.. Deep Drawers like 8" deep. Same thing every time I needed a tool....Arg. Have a nice very large Husky top and bottom box and its a pleasure finding my stuff!
For the price, you can’t beat Husky. When I bought my first Husky box, I looked at the other brands. The Harbor Freight stuff looked pretty good, but actually cost more. Craftsman is a shell of its firmer self, flimsy and overpriced for what you get. I don’t know how the Husky would hold up compared to a SnapOn or a Matco if you were dragging it around a large shop all the time, but for stationary use I think it should hold up well at a much lower cost.
Way to go Bama! Looks good and helps keep some order in the shop. Wish I could catch up on my order.:rolleyes:
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This spring I went through my tools and reduced the inventory by quite a bit. A friend's young daughter sells tools at swap meets so I gave them to her.

I have a collection of mismatched tools and equipment but it suits me.
Couple of years ago my wife gave me a Kobalt rolling tool box for Christmas, also bent & dent. It's obviously not a Snap-On, but their boxes are pretty sturdy. (The drawers are even soft-close, as if that really matters out in the shop.)
This spring I went through my tools and reduced the inventory by quite a bit. A friend's young daughter sells tools at swap meets so I gave them to her.

I have a collection of mismatched tools and equipment but it suits me.

My stuff is all mismatched too Bob. I’ve bought several hand boxes of tools over the years at flea markets and from folks needing a few bucks, then sorted through and picked out what I wanted. The rest I gave away to some guys who didn’t have much or couldn’t afford to buy new. I’ve got some SnapOn, SK, Husky, Craftsman, Williams, Proto, Sparta, Thorsen, Stanley, some Harbor Freight stuff and probably other brands I can’t remember right now. Brand doesn’t matter to me, just as long as it’s decent quality I’ll use it. Some of my stuff is bigger than 1”, but I needed that when I was trucking having to work on the trucks, that stuff seldom gets used anymore but every now and then I need something that big on one of the tractors. I’ve been blessed to acquire what I have at bargain prices, I never could have afforded all this stuff at retail prices.
Looks great Bama. I can't focus in a messy shop. A trick my Uncle taught me years ago is to use old filing cabinets for power tools. You can usually find them for next to nothing. I have 3 of them and they're full of drills, grinders, circular saws, sanders and such. I even have one drawer for keeping sand paper in hanging files. My friend Dale laughs at me on that one but I'll tell you what, it doesn't take me long to find and grab a sheet of sand paper.

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