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yes she does. And some more too.
I rent out some lodges for holidays and they do lay low when I have noisy quests, but when those are gone and they hear my wooden shoes on the gravel they relax. The grounds I live on belong to a historic estate. The expensive people with their outfit complementing Range Rovers hunt around here, so groups of roe deer vary a bit from time to time. There`s one completely black. She`s a beauty.
I think I got better pictures this morning. I couldn't get them all in one shot. There were 14 of them this morning.


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Nice herd! I'm not sure if we just have less deer or just different herding tendencies but we don't get to see large herds often. I get shots with 5 or 6 at a time in frame occasionally. I've seen large groups at night on fields that have forage. It's cool that you catch them on camera. The local deer and other animals do seem to act differently towards people they encounter every day, than say a stranger in the same area.
Unfortunately, I was without my camera 3 nights ago. Had led 2 guys that had never been here before back, me in the 31 and them in a truck. They are following pretty close, lights on, I'm sure they could have seen my arm in the rear window, pointing to a bear, walking along a log. When I saw it, I motioned that way and flashed my brake lights to alert them. I know that if you keep going along at normal speed, the animals just don't think there's much wrong. If you stop and gawk, they'll likely be out of there... So, I didn't slow or stop and as we turned the curve in the road, it put this bear, parallel and about 50 feet to our right. The bear stood up...perfect "bigfoot" style mugshot. That bear stood there, facing dead on, straight up, front paws down by it's sides. The bear stood still until we were out of sight. I got to the house and asked if they had seen the bear? No! We were busy looking at the woods...:D
Bet she lives right close by Dutch. I have several that hang pretty close because they don't get messed with by me. I shot my last deer in 1995. I just quit when I started living amongst them. Would be like walking out in your front yard and killing your dog to me.

Where I live it is deer season 365 days a year. More than one family around me survives on venison.
My grandfather was an avid sportsman that passed it on to my brother and myself.I started out learning to skin them when I was 9 years old.
He would take us out with him at the end of the season.
Last time I shot a deer was almost 40 years ago. Seemed too much like target practice to me. LOL
Dutch: I didn't raise them but they eat my grass. Not enough so I don't still have to mow it.[ddd. These ones aren't to skittish. If you don't make noise or just drive by they don't run, but like Small says If you stop the truck they're gone. Torchie: I used to eat them. I haven't shot any in about twenty years. It was from the front porch and it was at my daughters urging. My oldest daughter ate so much venison when she was little that the first time she had a Mc donalds burger she made a face like it wasn't any good and spit it out.
I hear you Kenny.
We were raised on it as well.
Last one I took was a couple of years after my grandfather had to stop hunting..
I was home from cooking school and my mother was bemoaning the fact that she had not had venison in a while.
It was hunting season and at the point I was still getting my permits.
I walked out her back door waited a few minutes till a few should up and popped one in the ear.��
Yes. That’s where I was aiming.
Tagged and skinned it. Took the carcass And the head to cooking school were one of the Chefs did a carcass breakdown lecture with it.
One of the the newer students made the remark “ I don’t see any bullets holes. Did you hit him with a car?”
I said it was a “head shot.” To which a few called BS on.
The Chef went into the cooler and grabbed the head. Lol
No one doubted me after that...
I shot one in the eye at about 100 yards with a 12 gauge slug. I was aiming for the neck. It got up and was staggering around then my dumb ass brother in law shot it in the guts. What a mess. I should have let him have the deer.
I've had a few in my sights, and never pulled the trigger.

Three of them stop most nights for a shelled corn snack I provide outside the front porch, ten feet from the chair I'm sitting in right now.
I shot one in the eye at about 100 yards with a 12 gauge slug. I was aiming for the neck. It got up and was staggering around then my dumb ass brother in law shot it in the guts. What a mess. I should have let him have the deer.

Lol. You should have.
The ear shot was about a 50 yard shot.
The deer was standing still and so was I.😳😎.
bob. My Grandfather got po’d at me more then once for letting deer pass my blind.
We hunted on property that my Grandfather had bought in 1927.
By that time I figured he knew every deer on it by sight.

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