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Aug 22, 2013
Its Alive after ten years of sitting up its fires up on the first try. "the short story" My pops bought this truck when I was a kid. Taking cruise's on sunday to the beach or to the races were some of my best memories, all the attention the truck got running down the road or just sitting in a parking spot. My dad was gone for about 4yrs to Iraq and the truck was parked. I would start it up and let it run but that was about it. After he got back from Iraq between work and my step mother being sick with lupus He didnt have a lot of free time. After her passing he just lost interest and worked more. Well now That im back living in the same town as him Im over at his house quite often just seeing the truck rotting was getting to me. He's been working out of town a lot so while he's gone Ive started to work on it little by little noting noticeable so he doesnt catch on. Point to my story is Im stoked that it fired up on the first try! Now on to the rest of the truck to get it back on the road!

Dont mind my loud Diesel in the back ground...
Sounds great! [cl Good you are fixing it up, I'm sure when he finds out your interest, his will come back, too. These old cars and trucks have a healing process to them that can't be described, only felt.

Now we've heard it, we want to see more! [ddd
Hopefully this next week I can it on the road! I have to go through the brakes and put some new shoes on it and either fix the hole in the gas tank or just replace it with one out of my 69 not sure if it will fit or not but we will see.
Well haven't had a lot of free time to put into pop's truck this week. The truck fires up with just a bump of the key "awesome". running like a champ. Found a leak in the fuel tank so im going to check the tank out of my 69 to see if it will fit, if not I guess its time for new/repair?

Started on the brakes this morning Master Cylinder is seized up so i have one ordered should be ready for pick up anytime now. Bought new wheel cylinders, had to cut the rubber brake lines because the steal lines are locked up have to replace the short ones to the splitter. fingers crossed the back ones break loose easier, put some pen-oil on those.

sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures ! and all the junk all around the truck cant move much or my pop's will know somethings up


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