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Cool pic CR!

I hope that guy wakes up before the loader gets there!
His name was "Petey" don't know if I spelled that right. I know some of the kids " Porky, Alfalfa, Stimey and Darla"
Good for you Fuzz! Never forget a burro that stood by the highway south of Farmington NM.It had the same ring around it's eye. :) I remember an episode where they were rolling old tall skinny car tires downhill in the street. Thought it was hilarious because it was the same sort of thing we would do for fun :rolleyes:
I didn't get em all right. I googled it a minute ago and found out the fat kid was Spanky and I the the black kid was Buckwheat. But it's gets confusing because the series started out as "Our Gang" and later became the "Rascals" I remember watching the shows as a kid myself but my memory aint what it used to be...:confused:

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