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Been a long time since I posted but while waiting for my transmission to come back from the shop I installed tail and tag lights and finished all the wiring. Had to mount turn signal switch on the floor cuz I don't have a steering column. Use the tach for speedometer. Got trans back and set in the chassis then realized I didn't allow room for the trans dip stick tube. So moved motor mounts forward one inch and modified trans mount, now its good to go. Bought a header kit from Speedway but the pipes are short to clear drag link so i will have to add some tubing from exhaust flanges. Starting to look like a hot rod.


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Got the headers built, mufflers attached. Painted with high temp paint, we'll have to see how that holds up. Madea step under the doors to keep from burning my leg and a bracket to support the weight. Should be ready to start it up tomorrow.


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[cl Got it running and drove it outside then down the driveway, that's about 300 yards. First thing I didn't like was the windshield too tall, my line of sight is right into the top bar. I may get used to it or could cut it off. Goes in gear hard, only idles at 650 but may need a higher stall. Need to work on the tune up cuz she's hard to start when hot. Had to take Holley carb off and put Edelbrock on cuz Holley idles too rich and stumbles off idle.


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