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here's a different kind of ride


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It's not my cup of tea .. but gotta give him credit the guy was thinking outside of the box.
the owner drives that thing all over the place .. seen it 100 miles plus a way . The thing draws people like the spreader drew flies before !:):)
Good stuff

Heres a couple pics of some field rust sitting on a farm where we go riding the dirt roads. I've tried to get in touch with the owner but not having any luck. Probably 10 AD trucks , both GMC and Chevy sitting there rusting. House seems to be empty, but it is a working farm with several deer stands around the perimeter of the fields. Thus, I'm not doing much trespassing!!
I like the old bumpers on the Chevy in the 2nd photo, think they're early Dodge or Desoto.


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Just that it appears to be a farm-centric type get together, not a car show.

the photos were take at The Log House Pioneer Village, its just outside of Hastings,Mn. only open 5 days a year --quite the place they've been moving building & building stuff there for 20+ yrs. Antigue tractors,stationary engines steam engines -- and they do have a car show -- no judging just bring your car in and park it .. the place is really quite the Hoot .. you never now what will show up there. Porky's was a kinda a cool place to cruise to in Mpls.Mn. & now of course its at the Pioneer Village ... Ya never know what you'll find there ... hell they even got guys & gals dressed up reinacting WW11 complete with tanks, jeeps ,half tracks etc... don't forget the germans always loss !:eek:


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Working at the hobby shop Saturday, one of the kids came in and said his dad you be up in a minute to get him in his uncles GT. So I ask what kind of GT? Then I heard it come in the parking lot......





Talking to "Dad" aka Pete, he said that his brother the cars owner was on part of the developmental program for that car. It is an 06 and rolls around on a warm day at a mere 650HP. Don't worry folks it is a driver. It resides in Plymouth MI and is driven in to Dearborn regularly. No garage queen here, it has been across country twice from Michigan to Washington, down the west coast, and around to Texas and back. He has even taken it to Florida once.

And though I don't have photo evidence, it is a very roomy car. I fit in it at 6'4" 285lbs. Could even shut the door and have plenty of leg room and head room! I am was shocked!!!
Why doesn't Ford continue to make that car and give the Corvette some competition? I don't understand why the US cannot make a car that rivals those Euro sports cars. Not that I could ever afford one though :(

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