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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
I was always a fen of the show and still watch it often. Was watching yesterday on Peacock and Season 6 Episode 17 came on. It was called the parking attendant where Wally and Eddy Haskel get paid to park cars at a party. All I could do was stare at all the mint cars pulling up to be parked. Worth a watch if you have Peacock. May even fast forward to the car part. Jim
I like watching it too. My favorites are when the Beav was a little guy. I get a kick out of stuff like the kids putting on suits to go to the movies on Saturday, Or the time Mrs. Cleaver said to Mr Cleaver, "Gee Ward, you were sure hard on the Beaver last night" In all seriousness though, I'm going to look for the episode you recommended!
We get one of my fav series from the 50’s & 60’s here… Perry Mason! Perry & his side kick Paul Drake always had nice cars & I love all the cars on the road in the show & the guests are a who’s who of famous & upcoming stars & starlets!

There is also an episode where Wally gets a "clunker" for $150 bucks from a car lot. A convertible even. Not sure what it was though, I'd give him $200 for it. Jim
I love old movies and tv shows that were full of vehicles. Even if the show wasn’t interesting, the background scenery usually was. The old Three Stooges clips have a lot of vehicles starting in the 1930’s on the streets. The Dragnet series, both the original from the late 50’s and the one from the 70’s have a bunch of cars in them, too. And you can’t forget Adam 12, if California still looked like that,( sadly, it doesn’t), everyone would still want to live there.
Adam-12 is a good one for cars too. I believe they had 440 Furys. The next town over from me had those cars when I was growing up. Jim
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