Lincoln Proweld 180 giving me grief.

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Dozer, I'm on the same page as you are on the 'getting older thing', it's not for sissies. But I do have a question for you. You talked about trying a spool gun out and then taking off and selling it, so I assumed you didn't like it. Why? I always thought it would be a good idea.

Spool guns are very finicky and require constant tinkering to get them to weld, something I could not do. [S [S I took the money from the spool gun and put it towards a tig welder that welds aluminum like it's supposed to.
The good Doc could chime in here, we talked about them last evening and he has put miles of wire through one.
I have a Miller 35a on one of my mig machines. I like it for welding thicker aluminum because it's so much faster.
Happy to hear you got things sorted out :p
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As far as spool guns go. I have two, one on my miller 210 and it works good enough and always liked it. The other one is on my miller 350P It welds better and I seem to have more control with it. I think it's the fact that it is on a better welder that makes it work better. The only tinkering I have to do with them is cleaning out the bird nests when in burn the wire back into the tip. I is a pain in the but to straighten out.

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