Looking for a 1939-47 Dodge/Fargo/Plymouth truck cab

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Oct 1, 2014
Edmonton Alberta
I'm brand new to this site.(first post), and am looking for a 1939-47 Dodge/Fargo/Plymouth truck cab for my rat rod project. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and would like to find something relatively close to home. I don't really care what kind of shape it's in as I just need the roof. I'm going to attempt my first roof chop. As this is my first chop, I would appreciate any positive advice some of you more experienced hot rodders are willing to give. Also, I will be doing suicide doors. I'm aware that this will be a fair amount of work but I'm pretty handy with a welder and work with a guy who has done a few chops.
Hello and welcome to RRR from northern Alberta, Grande Prairie to be exact. I have a friend here that collects those Dodge trucks and some came from the Edmonton area. I'll ask him if he knows of a truck cab closer to you. Have you put a wanted ad on Kijiji yet? Good luck with the project and start a build thread after you tell us a little about yourself. Oh ya, pictures, did I mention pictures?
Thanks a lot. That would be great. I've been snooping through farm yards and the internet for about a year with no luck. ( with the exception of a guy near Regina who figured his rusted out cab was worth $5000.00 ) As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I'll get some on here.
Welcome from Regina. (No, I don't have a $5000.00 cab for sale.)

I've found many cabs, bodies and parts listed at decent prices but they don't last... so, I habitually check the ads morning and night. (Just in case that "have to have it" item turns up. :rolleyes:)

New guy

I'm a new guy to this site. I kind of stumbled into it via build threads and recommended reading on other threads. I'm a tattoo artist but was raised building bikes and cars from the ground up. I'm a skilled welder, wrench hand, fabricator, and mechanic. I grew up in a salvage yard building rides with my father and brothers. We all have mastered our skills in different areas. Some (like myself) have mastered many different fields and continue to learn and grow. These build threads and build sites are new to me but I've made some life long friends in the past year.
I've got many toys lined up and in process with more than one at a time as parts get low and hard to come by I move to another as I search for the other.
Currently I'm doing a frame off restomod on a 63 f100 step side shortbed, a restomod on a 66 Lincoln Continental 4 door with and for my lovely wife, a 28 Nash 4 door rat rod coffin Rod, and a couple Harleys.
I've got a 27 Tudor model A on my to do list and looking at a model A Truck. I want one REALLY bad. I would consider a truck into mid 30's. It's just my thing. Has the look I have. A bit rough around the edges, some screws and parts missing but functional and probably a bit squirrelly.
I like what I like. I have my way and I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. I have an odd taste in the look I like I've been told but others seem to dig the finished product.
I've been offered a lot of money for my builds. Most of them find new families when it gets obscene or I get bored and want to move on.

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