1965 Fargo 100

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Looks killer Dozer![cl[cl
I'd forgotten what you'd been through on this build, so I did a refresher course from the first posting, thanks for sticking with it, the result is one cool truck.!!

Thanks Charlie, it has dragged on hasn't it. lol You must have been really bored to start from the beginning :eek:

All the work you poured into it sure shows.

Your mention of Doc brought back memories. With Torchie's passing I started thinking about key members that have left us. Willowbilly, Doc, Gastrick and Torchie. They all meant a lot to me. Everyone else, please stay healthy.

Thanks Bob, yes it has been a tough time time here, we have lost a lot of great guys.

That's a good lookin truck..... well done. What are the front seats out of? They look as good as a set of buddy buckets.

Thanks, the seats are out of the 2008 Chrysler Aspen donor vehicle, the consul is from between the rear seats

Looks great Dozer!

Thanks Couper

Good looking truck!

Thanks Flipper
Holy cow it's been head down ass up up for the last couple of months trying to get this Fargo done. We are waiting for the windshield to get installed Monday or Tuesday. Waiting for A/C compressor oil and a couple head light bulbs to come in. I have to charge the A/C and fix an issue in the headlights and the project will be done after 9 years. I had a few self inflicted issues with the Hemi wiring and start up but its running perfect the trans is good, drives awesome. It is booked for a safety on the 20th and will be gone from my shop. [cl







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