my friend left us 13 yrs ago

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Nov 5, 2015
13 yrs ago my friend and ( mainly bmw ) car lover died.
At the time he was floor manager at a bmw dealership. The building had a cellar and 2 stories with an elevator to move cars up to the showroom floor.
That morning Jan. 28 he was walking backwards with a container filled with car parts, to where the elevator should have been. Due malfunction of the safety systems, the gate was open but the elevator had gone up to the next floor and he fell into the basement pulling the container along. He died at 49.

Building the gravestone ( gravesteel actually... ) helped me give it a place inside my head.
He owned this old 323 Beemer , the "one day I will fixerupper "type. :rolleyes:
I used the engine block of that car for the cor-ten steel grave and made piston candle holders.... It just had to be automotive... :D He had gasoline for blood. r.i.p. buddy...


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Thanks guys.
I felt grateful at the time to get the opportunity to pay respect my way.
It was not the first time I build a monument, but it was the last.
Off topic, but, I just watched a video about two young sisters that worked with the Dutch underground in WWII. What heroes they were.

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