ok ok ok heres the 33

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May 15, 2007
Cheney, Washington
heres the 33 Ford pu w/ Hemi Toyota 3TC engine that I am building


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more of the 33 ............


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Cool. Those engines are bulletproof. I had several Toyotas with them, and they were just getting broken in at 160,000 miles. :)

Keep us posted.

and a few more with the "Wes" Memorial truck in the background "Overkill" is its name and there is a long story about that truck that I will do later


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We mite all b lookin' 4 1 of those 4bangs very shortly! U're truck is really looking good! Love that model too!!!

thanks guys, the engine started life in a fancy lil Corola that was 220hp now it will be takin apart when I hit Cheney and I have Webber for it, gonna mill the head, mild cam etc and if ANYONE has just one Lakes style header they want to donate I am not against accepting it hehehe, the car its from got 36mpg and was 2800#s, so in a 1500# truck w/ 2.73 gears BIG tires and a 5 speed it might get a lil better milage. BTW I only have around $300 in the whole build so far and LOTS of time, bought the Cab 15 years ago for $100 sittin in a ditch on a big hill, guy also had a sectioned 40 ford coupe, should have bought that also. If I only knew then what I know now

they can Flame on, when they can tell me their Rat gets 40+ mpg and can drive ANYWHEREE then they have room to talk BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.S. it looks like an ARDUN OHV conversion anyways not many people know without telling them
thanks everyone, I will have to get pics this summer of a friends 34 that has an Old Volvo 4 Banger w/ a lil cute blower and its been on the road for about 15 years.

Wicked fast!

awwwww Superbird!!!! my Favorite Mopar in the whole wide world

When I was in high school back in the 60's a guy here had a Superbird & used to drive it around all the time & I'd see him crusin' around from time to time. One day my best friend & I were pullin' up on the freeway & he came up behind us, got on it... & flew by us like we were standin' still & disappeared down the road. It was one of the most incredible things I ever saw. He's probably in the skull orchard by now because that thing was *wicked* fast!!!


I had one willed to me but when my friend John passed away many years ago his son contested the will and got ALL the cars John had willed to certain friends, Kinda sad there was a Hemi Superbird ( wrecked in 1972) the 440 4bbl/ 4 gear Yellow Bird (was willed to me), 70 Hemi Cuda, 29 Ford roadster pickup w/ 392 Hemi tri-power, 40 Ford coupe w/ 6 strom 97 Nailhead and Hydromatic, 65 IH pickup w/ Perkins Diesel, 51 Henry J straight axle w/ 57 J-2 in it and a bunch more


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