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Jun 11, 2010
Hi - just registered, I am an old school hot rodder that loves rat rods and gassers and any old school type rod! I just sold my 46 Pontiac gasser and have just picked up a 29 Ford coupe rat rod project that needs some "adjusting" and finishing. I will be changing the channeling of it, and chopping it and finishing it to my liking...there is a LOT I want to change on it, but will be a fun ride along the way! I am learning along the way and this will be my first chop as I don't have a ton of experience in the building department yet. No pics yet, but will add one or some soon.

I also have a project that has been waiting for me for a couple of years. It is a real deal rat rod that was originally built by my Uncle and his brothers in the late 50's. It has 1950 303 Olds Rocket drivetrain. It sat out at my Uncles for 40-plus years outside and now it is mine to bring back to life at some point. What they actually did was take a 28 Ford 5W coupe and cut the roof off and made a roadster. That is how it sits right now with no doors or decklid. I want to stick with the integrity of their original build just to honor them, but am converting it to a stick(bought a 1950 Olds 3 speed to go with a rebuilt 1950 Olds 303 Rocket I purchased a couple of winters back). I am also planning on making it a coupe again with a 30/31 5W body that the one brother(main owner) decided he was never going to do anything with and sold it to me very reasonably since I had such an interest in doing something with their old hot rod they had abandoned years ago. It was the last piece of the brothers' cars and parts they had sitting at my Uncle's place! This will be a super cool old school rod/rat rod when I am done with it!

I will post on the "parts wanted" section, but I am wondering if anyone has 29 or 31 Ford 5 window coupe titles for sale? Thanks!
Welcome to RRR, sounds like some cool projects for sure. Nice to get some handed down thru family also. Good luck and keep us posted please, I love the 29 coupes,have a tudor myself.
That's a really cool story and great intro , I think you will make a great addition to the forum . Please make sure to post lots of pictures and welcome to the coolest site around !
Just checked back to see any replies - thanks! trying to figure out how to add pics to this right now...
welcome to the RRR! nothing any better than recapturing a piece of automotive history--unless its automotive history tied directly to your family:cool:

i love the "old school" look-- after all, there's no "cool" like "old's cool";):D

will be looking for a build thread[P

I did try to re-size my pictures, but they still would not upload. Not sure what to say on that, they were within the size guidelines and all...will try again soon!
Sounds like a great build. I need to put my 57 chev gasser project on here and see if I remember how to resize pics.
Sounds like a cool project. Especially with the family history. Good luck on your build. We'll be watching for pics.

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