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He's not done yet...
Oct 28, 2010
Dirt RD Maybee, MI
So I decided a while ago (several years) that I want a bike.

Like everything else though, I can't buy one already built and stuff. That takes all the sport out of it. So the other day I scored an old Goldwing (78) code named OldWing. $200 so I figured I can't really go too wrong. Full of sour gas, rolls over but won't start for obvious reasons. Seems to have good compression so I am pretty confident I can make something happen. I already stripped most of the stuff off of it and am on my way to try and make some sort of a bobber from it.

Will post some pics as things progress.
The Starting POS

Yea, so far I have stripped all the plastics off, chopped down the bars and started making a tank from card board to get a general shape figured out. Want a coffin style tank on it... Also plan to chop the frame in the back a bit and lower it down, and want to put a mono seat on it.
Quick update......

Have all working brakes now. Got a set of carbs off ebay, made new o-rings to put the manifolds back on with the new carbs. Started into the electrical. Found a few burnt wires/connectors, did a little cut and splice here and there and now have a working electrical system, well at least for whats there...... Cranked it over off of the battery charger and she makes spark.

Thinking that when I get the carbs on it and find some way to dump fuel into it I will be able to make some fire. Hopefully doing that tomorrow!!!

went to the zone and picked up some new plugs. Through those in.....

The carbs that I got from ebay weren't exactly what they were listed as..... no way did those come from a running bike..... :( Fortunately, with the ones off of ebay and the half a set that I had with the bike I was able to make a full set in decent shape.

Put on the carbs, swallowed a cup of gas trying to siphon start the mechanical fuel pump, hooked it all up and gave it a shot ether.

It cranked a few turns and nothing..........

Then realized I didn't put the plug wires back on....... :rolleyes:

Then cranked it again and it chugged a few times blew enough insulation out of the pipes to insulate a garage (no mouse in though I was watching) and it sat there running like a dream. :D

On to the next step of the build.
Cool.....nice when things work out....

Doesn't surprise me at all about the bay....gotta watch who you get things from.....but since you got it fired....All is well.....:D
Doesn't surprise me at all about the bay....gotta watch who you get things from.....but since you got it fired....All is well.....:D

Yea it was a great feeling to see all the crap blow out of the pipes and run on its own!!! Still haven't left feedback for that guy, not sure how I want to go with that.

I've seen some of those stripped down bobber style that look awesome! Keep us posted!!!


Yea I have always liked them too. I am trying to get everything as compact as I can and non visible as possible. The problem with that is I want to keep all the electronics and crap on it. There is a LOT on that bike to have to try and hide. So I guess we will just have to see what happens.

I have a structural question for you guys. What do you think if I do this....

I need more room to put on a bigger tank. Figure if I take those bars out, continue the wishbone down I only need one tunnel, which will make building the tank a lot easier and allow for much more fuel capacity. What do you think? The other thought is to take the bars that are cut off and move them down and reattach them to the end of the wishbone that is already there.....

Any thoughts??
I know what your thinking... I'll meet theat idea and raise you

Heres a 1934 zundap 500... better looking scooter than the bmw i think.
they had a revolutionary exceedingly durable low tech transmission... instead of meshed gears they used sprockets and chains between the counter-shafts.
Zundapps won some around the globe reliability challanges in their day.


I think a goldwing would make a kick ass zundapp.
That definitely is a cool looking bike!!! The only complaint I have against it is no rear suspension.

It is the look that I am some what going for......
That definitely is a cool looking bike!!! The only complaint I have against it is no rear suspension.

It is the look that I am some what going for......

bet you could create your own suspension from scratch. havnt ever tore down a goldwing so I cant say if a hidden monoshock fake hardtail would work but I'd bet you could minimize the clutter and go with some shorter springs at a different angle and capture the feel of it.
I remember seeing your build thread on here a while back!!! Thought you had a real neat looking bike there!! Not sure its the route I would like to go though..... Sitting behind that propane tank is a little nerve racking to me.
Was playing around last night............


Still need to clean it up, but this is the big change in the front frame. Can also see part of the new air box.


Oh man did things get serious in the back........

More to follow.
Chopped the frame up last night and tacked it back on. Pulled the rear of the frame forward 2" and dropped the top down 2". Pulled the rear in on the top to make the frame more straight across the top. It is definitely starting to get the look that I am going for but a long way to go. When it's all done it should be a pretty sweet looking "low and go" as my buddy put it.


The thing is, the bike sits at my house. The truck sits in my buddies barn, no room currently at my house. When I get home from work, I can just go outside and play with the bike. The truck I have to drive 45 minutes one way to play with. I tend to go work on the truck on my days off if she is at work. This is my weekend to work, and she is out of town. So when I got home the last couple nights, I went outside and have been playing with the bike.

I will get one or the other done sooner or later!
He can ride the bike to the truck. :cool:

If you can, take a picture from further back so we can see the whole thing better.
He can ride the bike to the truck. :cool:

You got it buddy!!!

Sam I would love too, but, can't at least not yet. I need to get the back shocks attached to something so that if I push it of the center stand it doesn't smack the ground and what not. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I will be able to do that. I want to take the swinger off tonight and get the back good and burnt, then attach the shocks some how and roll it out.

Stay tuned.....

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