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52 fordman

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Jul 28, 2009
Hastings , MN
Okay its a mid to late 60's 2 speed power glide over 100,000 mils on its behind a 68 327 that runs and idles fine. I put new fluid and filter in it last year. Been shifting fine no slip or any of that until just lately. When I pull up to a stop light or sign it seems to not pull until you are just off of an idle. Fluid level is good nice pink color, it had no sludge in it when I changed it. It does shift a little slow some times ( maybe I think it should have a harder or crisper shift) .

So why would it not pull good when I am stopped? [S Going down the road is great!

52 fordman
Maybe a bad pressure regulator or pump. Have you checked line pressure?

The fluid level wouldn't cause it to behave like that, I don't believe. Low fluid caused mine to go into neutral on right turns, but no slipping otherwise, fine off the line.
If you have to do anything to it, save your money and put a th-350 in it's place. Same size and everything works (driveshaft,crossmember,etc) It'll feel like you have added 200hp. Tobby

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