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i didnt have factory brackets for the front bumper. last year I made an interface bracket that bolts up to a front bumper if you flip the factory brackets and it works great, but without factory brackets I had to design a set.

this.... turned out to be a giant pain in the ass. holding the bumper in place with jacks and measuring turned out not to be as robust as templates, which I did on the FOURTH iteration.



you can run it tucked like that (which I prefer) or with a factory splash pan. I think sticking out with the pan looks like J Bottomtooth III.

I needed a win after that and started on the HVAC blower. The S10 HVAC is too wide to fit under the hood, so I move the blower INSIDE the firewall.


usually I have to make the piping from scratch to "turn 90 degrees" and also help locate the blower inside. but I happened to look around the shop and I have a thousand of these from my MIL, fit absolutely perfect



the airflow is much better than the last one I did and it literally took an hour to do, usually it is an all day thing.

reaching the end of this one. excited to start the ford this week.


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new shoes. almost ready for the drivers door.



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oh you guys will LOVE this one.

shaking down, guy supposed to be coming tomorrow (today I guess, now) for first looks. rev the engine after a drive and see steam, figure its that hose clamp I didnt put on the coolant tank. that was leaking too but the steam was smoke.


some bovine, clodpated, citified moron put the trans cooler line on without the clip. no idea how long ago. no idea how they got it to hold pressure for a couple years?



an hour later, $50 in synthetic ATF later, $20 in floor dri later,





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Well, at least you got to use some Kitty Litter :D
I did the same thing first time out with the Hennway this spring, tranny line popped off as I left the driveway but I didn't look in the mirror to see the trail of fluid following me. When it started to slip almost a mile down the road I finally clued in.... A tow home and 9 quarts of ATF later, I now have a trail on the road to my house to follow in case I get lost. It had held for 15 years with one clamp on an unflared tube connection. (now its flared :eek:)
yeah bob I rarely wear gloves, my wife got me some black latex ones all the cool guys use and I guess I am not cool enough to remember more than half the time.

burg that is a word for word quote from doc hollywood haha

OI nooooo kidding. if its gonna happen, the driveway at idle is the best.

doz I call it the joedoh rule. murphy says if it can happen it will, but the joedoh rule says it will happen to ME. If there is a problem, I can have it.

torchie you want some atf on your popcorn? I have plenty haha

I now have a trail on the road to my house to follow in case I get lost.

helpful! :D
she looks great Joe! Bad luck with the oil thing.
I once knew a guy with a van who asked me how much oil goes in the 350 anyway...? while he was dumping in the 3rd gallon..... Then the floor started to get slippery under his feet. I gave him some friendly advise to first install the filter.
He needed some kitty litter too :p
3 GALLONS? my silverado HD takes 1.5 where did he think it was going.

heres another contest, find the problem here that kept my fuel gauge from reading. 50 cent piece like usual, grapefruit lacroix yada yada.


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lol the same guy asked me why there were some grease nipples that wouldnt take grease... turned out they were brake bleeders.... :rolleyes:
The charts say to me, "There are too many wires that are the same colour, but doing different things."

ok ok it isnt super obvious but here is a hint, i wanted to bypass the fuel buffer module. which two wires should I do that with? are you sure? :D

lol the same guy asked me why there were some grease nipples that wouldnt take grease... turned out they were brake bleeders.... :rolleyes:


I hadnt thought of that combo!

on the first picture it shows the output to the gauge as L, and the input from the level sender as D. but the master wiring diagram shows the level sender as C, which I did 3 hours later after looking at the diagram. With the buffer installed, it would slowly rise to the level with the key on, then drop to zero and stay there til you cycled the key.

your way may have worked, never know now. haha.

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