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It sounds like you may have it under control.

Hope So OI!

Tripper yes.... I'll know more when I go for my F/U on Monday. Hoping I don't need Chemo..

FBP.... Best of luck pal. I'll keep you in my prayers. Waiting is the worse.

Neto.... I've had the same getting up to Pee 4-5 times a night for many years. Looking forward to not having to do that anymore. Glad your ok now! I have a hot tub and it feels like it helps anything that ails me. Have to stay out now until the wound heals. I normally use it every night before bed no matter what the weather!

Thanks Burgerman & 26!
It sounds like you may be on your way to recovery.

I will pray for you that the cancer is completely gone and that you will heal up as quickly as possible.
Pathology results came back today. All margins are clear of any cancer!

That mean's no chemo or radiation!

Thank you for your well wishes, good thoughts and prayers guys are the best!

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