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How the hell you OGs been. Sorry I ghosted you guys after all the support and help but been busy with life and daughter being an Apache pilot in the army. Yep, that little girl you guys always saw in my post is straight up bad ass. I got the twin turbos running and am going to test run “hall ass” in a couple of weeks. Tried loading video said it was too large but will work on it because I know yall love videos and noise. Give me a few days and I will go into details on the twins with super sniper.


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Congratulations to you daughter. I'll bet you are very proud of her.
Nice plumbing work on the turbos. Impressive. How much boost will you be running?
Congratulations to you daughter. I'll bet you are very proud of her.
Nice plumbing work on the turbos. Impressive. How much boost will you be running?
5-8 with this motor but have a 383 built for turbos and looking at 17-23 . Using this motor to learn how to tune so if I melt it down won’t be too big of a loss. Started out not knowing Anything about turbos except how to fabricate and read ane here is what I have so far. Thank you and yes we are very proud. She’s my girl. Nerves of steel.

Video of firing up for the first time. Holley Super Sniper with twin turbos. Look closely and you can see car was in gear and wrenches falling everywhere because honestly I wasn’t expecting it to crank and run so smoothly.
Did some cleaning up today and ran a new alternator wire to the battery. I will say the hardest part on the sniper turbo project was the fuel system. The Holley super sniper efi requires 57 constant psi, 2 pre and post filters, high pressure lines that can’t leak “ever” oh and the most confusing part for me the fuel pressure regulator and don’t forget it has to have a boost reference port which i forgot so i have a spare if anyone is looking for one. Not the nicest but i learned how to do hammered aircraft rivets when making my seat and using my bead roller for the first time in a while. I put a hand brake next to my shifter that is only hooked to rear for drifting and believe when I say it will come around on you so you had better be ready to crank the wheel and pat the gas pedal. My brother in law sold his full service station and gave me one of his two post car lifts. First time I put it in the air all I kept saying to myself was wtf. Why did I do it that way and remembered because I was on my back and would never see it from this angle. Enough bla bla for now. Looking for some pics of the fuel system because it’s a shame it’s underneath the car for as much work I put into it. Before the turbos I made this air breather that took a month to do and took it off when I did the turbos so if anyone is interested in it let me know. Later for now


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This one is over the top! Awesome creation Animal.
Thanks, you guys played a big part in it. Been working and playing with this for 14 years and I’m guessing it will never be done. Just as soon as I install my new brake system it will be taking a trip to Atlanta which is 150 miles. I am considering a straight axle but having too much fun throwing it around.

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