1933 dodge 4dr to 2dr update

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Apr 12, 2009
wet side, washington state
first of all, l thank all of the people on here for there ideas when l asked how to proceed with this build. many good ideas came at me and l have decided to cut 16 inches out and make a two door sedan and put in a roll cage and front engine cage and make a old sckool looking circle track style jalopy like my dad raced in the 60's[ddev

Named it ''PROJECT; CHEAPSHOT, as l am using every thing l already have
sitting around the house and shop to keep cost as low as possable.
l hope to have to buy very little for this dodge build.

l went out yesterday and worked on the doors. pretty nice day around the northwest, this afternoon was almost 55 degrees, good workin' when it ain't raining. NO RAIN TODAY YAAAA. .
got the back doors off and the front ones to open. that was a pain in the neck trying to get the front's open. l don't think they been opened in 20 yrs.
had to pry the door latches back with a long sharp crow bar while pushing on the inside of the door. the hinges and door latches l put on ton of spray lube on so l would not destroy them. CREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAKYYYYYYY hinges, but they opened. found the rubber door stoppers were still in place and lots of broken glass as l was cleaning out the front door/window jams.
the door jams are not to bad. l figured they'ed be totally rotted out, however they are quite usable.

l have a chassis that was custom built for a 29 roadster and since my health is not going to allow me to drive a open air car l am putting the chassis under the dodge.

the chassis is a shell valley set up. it has a 4 link 9'' rearend with a panhard bar, I F S with tubealar A arms and rack and pinion steering .l will be using QA1 aluminum adjustable coil over shocks on all 4 corners.[;)

power will be a 325hp 327 sbc and a 700R4 because l have several chevy parts left over from my racing days and l figured ''use 'em if ya got 'em''. it'll save me a ton of $$$$ doing it this way.[dr

tires and wheels are 15 '' BF goodrich T/A radials 12.5 inches wide in back and 8 inches wide in front with Torker ll 5 spoke wheels.

l have heater out of a 50 dodge truck that looks like a old 60's style house heater, ya know, those little square things with the big front grill on 'em.

will post more pics as the build gets in hi gear next month. plans are to have it running and drivable by summer and painted in old race track sponsers and number 7 on the doors[dads last car was that ##] by the fall 2010 and totallly done by 2011:D

again thanks for the input,



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Thats a good looking body, when are you planning to start cutting?

hoping to have body cut done by feb or march, doing the chassis first.
brakes, motor and rearend installed by jan or feb.

will post pic of the frame later this year or early next.

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kids painted my dodge

nieces decided to help today, was wanting to see it red, well, it's red.;)

they grabbed a can of fire engine red outta the shop, walllaa.one red dodge:

these are the wheels l plan on running;)



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it a panel

got the rear window panels welded in today.
now it trully a sedan delivery[cl



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last night started to to smooth out the top of the cowl. l don't like the vents, they look ugly the way they stick up and disturb the flow of the cowl. smoothing the top will also help the look of the car if l decide to run it without the hood.

here a couple pics of the start of the process. post more pics of the surgery as it goes along.



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I wish my model A had a vent , it gets so hot in the summer . do you not have the tops of the vents ?

l have no parts at all for the vents. the metal brace inside are bent and l think filling them is a better option.

for air flow l am not putting in a solid metal roof panel. the big hole in the roof will have a removable tonnue cover. like a vinyle truck bed cover. we are putting a 1'' strip of velcro and snaps along the edge. l have this same set up on my 69 chevy truck and it works good. at 70mph it stays put so l think using this setup on the car should work fine. the hole in the top is big enough to get plenty of ventalation and since it won't be driven in the rain, water won't be a problem. my truck bed stays dry with the tonnue on it when l wash it. putting this on the car should be the same way.



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Rolled the car out today and took some pics in the nice wheather. helps keep us motovated to see it in the sunlight.

January in washington and it got up to 50 degrees or so and no rain in sight for the weekend.

Will be filling in the cowl vent next week and start getting the rust cut out and replaced. when the rust is out the other body work can start so we can get it painted before summer. between the doors the post will be flattend so it's a flat panel.

no rear door, just a window.



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more pics

[clgrille on for mock up


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i think the girls went with a wise color scheme -- hopefully someday theyll be building there own and asking for your help (thats what i hope with my kids)
I'm really liking your build. Some novel ideas and making it something totally different than it was. The wheels do a lot for it too.


l did not like the way the side panels came out.:(

l told the body man who is helping me l was not happy with the way the rear panels looked. here is a few pics of the process of removing part of that 4 door post in the middle and making the panels smooth and flat. hope to be done with the panels soon.

here is the steering wheel l am using. it's a real classic from the 70's. l've had it fore ever and used it on several cars. kept it because it's really cool and old school


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