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Good for you Don.
I really like to be in control of my choke so I'm making a system to hook up to the cable. My carb has that weird helmet on it so the choke is on the back instead of at the top. It's coming together, though.
Thanks again, guys. Yep, Mac, I know the carb you are talking about. You will probably have to fab up something to make the choke work. Those are a strange carburetor.

I spent 3 hours in the DMV today and finally got my plate. Florida is nuts this time of year, all the snowbirds coming back and having to get their cars registered and other stuff, so I knew it would be a long wait..........but after 9 years I was willing to sit there as long as needed.

Trouble is, we have a cold and rainy front coming through, so I won't be able to now drive my car for a while. Maybe I will just go sit in it and make motor noises.
Florida actually bounced back and the temps went up into the mid and high 70's the past few days, so I got to put more miles on the car. But first, I took the four tires off and went to a tire shop and had them spin balanced, and it made a huge difference. The guy who did the work said the slicks on the back were the worst. Now the car does not have any vibrations at the same speeds it had issues at before.

So, the past couple of days I have been driving it as much as I can, and it runs better the more I drive it. Funny story though, I am still getting people , when I am stopped at red lights, asking me about why the tires on the back are so bald. (lol) I try to tell them they are drag slicks, but I can tell it goes right over their heads. They are probably thinking "Poor guy, can't afford new tires because of the Coronavirus" !

Since I really have very little to do to finish the car completely (just have to make and paint the door sill filler panels, but I am giving Dan a break and those really are not important right now) I decided yesterday to work on getting more storage space to carry some things I might need. These old roadsters are really lacking in their ability to carry much.

As I mentioned earlier, I already installed two waterproof boxes in the bed area, one to carry tools and one to carry spare parts, but I needed another way to carry some cleaning supplies for those times I might go to a cruise in or car show. So I bought one more of the smaller Harbor Freight boxes for the passenger side, and was able to fit a small bottle of detailer and a small bottle of Armor All, plus a couple of Microfiber towels in it that should be enough for a quick wipe down.

Now I just have to find a fire extinguisher that has a metal hold down bracket instead of the more common plastic brackets I have been finding. I know they make them because I have one in the back seat area of my Mustang, but the place I got mine from no longer carries that version. I am going to get on the internet and will find one there, I am sure. The plastic hold downs do not hold very well, and I am afraid the fire extinguisher will come loose and bounce around back there.

Nothing major to post, but here are a few pictures of the new box installed.


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Thanks, Kenny. That is the one drawback to some of these early cars, no place to put stuff. I also needed to find a spot to put my registration paperwork, so I had it laminated and then stapled it to the underside of my passenger seat cushion. If I get stopped, I will just hand the cop the seat cushion. Wonder how that will go over !

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