Undead Sleds is Great and Here's Rules for a Fun Picture Contest Just Because We Can!

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Brother Rat
Oct 11, 2008
Dixon, IA
Undead Sleds is a Great and Here's Rules for a Fun Picture Contest Just Because We Can!

(I might try to come up with a better Contest Title later...:D)

-Open to Anyone.
-Any picture from anywhere.
-The picture needs to show in the submission thread - not just links to other websites.
-One picture per person.
-Try to keep the picture average size. - don't blow out my screen.
-NO PEOPLE, PETS, or PROFANITY. - stuff that just happens to be in the background is OK.
- No pictures previously used in this or older Sam Fear Contests.

Each month will be one round that's like a small contest in itself. The winner of that round will choose the subject and be the judge for the next round. The judge will choose 10 pics from all that rounds entries, and those pics will be put into a poll to be voted on by everyone.

NO PRIZES - since the pictures won't be our work, we should not gain from them.

The Theme of each months round will be totally left to the Judge to decide. Keep in mind what Undead Sleds is about though. Graphics covered 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R's is probably not a good Theme choice. The Judge can make it as vague or narrow as he wants. Anywhere from "Trucks" to "Left Rear Brake Shoe from a 1961 Chevy Apache" (A short description of what the Judge would like to see might help too.)

THIS CONTEST IS MEANT TO BE ABOUT ART - It's meant to be about great pictures of crappy cars over crappy pictures of great cars.

These rules might evolve since this is all just for fun. Lets see how it goes!
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