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bob w

Still crazy after all these years!
Jan 2, 2008
Stillwater, MN
Sam is the best dog in the world. He's been my buddy for 13 1/2 years.

Tonight he had a small seizure while laying on the floor near me. It's happened before. Afterward he is confused for a while. Then everything goes back to normal.

After a half hour he acted like he had to go outside to take care of business. I turned on the yard light and let him out the front door. Went back in the house to put my shoes on.

Went back out right away. No Sam. Usually he stays in the yard wanting to get back in the house as soon as he is done. Three hours now and no Sam. He probably wandered into the woods. I can't look for him in the dark. Every few minute I walk around the house hoping he will be there.

I can't get the image out of my mind that my dear Sam is out there in the dark woods, dying. All alone. And I let him go.

I'm so sad.
ow man... I feel for you Bob... :( Nothing worse than losing track of your friends. I hope you`ll find him soon. How long before daylight?
ow man... I feel for you Bob... :( Nothing worse than losing track of your friends. I hope you`ll find him soon. How long before daylight?

Too long. Another 5 hours. Lots of dense woods to cover. He's weak. I think the seizure caused brain problems.

I'm waiting by the door...
I know how you feel. When I lost Layla a few years back, I said there would never be another dog around here. Well, here we are again, with another heart stealing furry bag of energy. They become part of us. I’d rather be with a good dog than be with most humans.

Hope by now you’ve found Sam and he’s all right.
At 3:00 AM I gave up and tried to sleep. As soon as it was light enough I covered my couple acre woods and the neighbors on both sides. Then we went driving around the area hoping to spot him. A real long shot.
Nothing. I gave up and made a sign and put it by the road.
We took Gracie on our normal walking route. I lagged behind, using up my Kleenex's.
I turned around early. Didn't feel right without Sam. I heard Nancy calling my name. turned around and she had Sam!
The last house on the route, a man came down the driveway and asked if this dog was ours.
I've never gone from despair to elation so quickly.
I dreaded coming to this post after being away all day. So happy for y'all.
I was dreading the outcome too, smallfoot. Sam is old and feeble. He could have died alone, afraid and exhausted. Or worse yet, coyotes. Yes, he is a large size model. But he doesn't get foo foo haircuts.


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