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There is no such thing as a "Bad" garage....

As a kid I worked in a driveway with no shelter....strattled ditches to pull a trans...the garage simply presents it's own set of first was 20x20 all brick carriage house....Then a two car and now my 40x60 pole barn...still never seem to have enough room.....we all have our own set of circumstances that limit or restrict the adapt and improvise....:D
Yep, ADD monkey here as well. In the spring I had done a complete cleaning and reorganization, put in shelving upstairs for parts but it's (I'm) collecting again.


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Thanks, its a1970 AMX. I've owned since 1975. 360 4speed Big Bad Orange.
My brother had a 68 with the 390 in it , auto , his son has it now, it had a big cam in it , every time the motor turned over in reverse it churped the tires :D. Its sitting in a shed now with locked up motor on the floor . He says one day he'll get it going . They are not to easy to find parts for that's for sure .
wow these garages make mine look like I don't have one...Gotta do some cleaning before I go grab the 51 at my parents barn! You all are a inspiration to me! some day I will have the cash to build my dream garage but for now the one bay on the house will have to work.


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