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Sep 23, 2012
So my best friend from highschool on, his dad is a very talented Machinist. Ran a very successful one man operation from 1985 till about 2 years ago when he decided to hang it up for life on the beach!! Well deserved, he was a robot when it came to work. It was non stop for him.

He has always told me that my name was on his original bridgeport mill. It was his first machine he bought in 85. I never really took him seriously. My buddy isn't into the machinest lifestyle hahahaha. He is a smart guy and into automotive like I am, but not the fab side. Well a few months ago his dad called and told me to come up tho there house where his shop is. Apon arriving we got caught up since it had been about 6 months since I had seen them.

He then broke the news that he was starting to sell his machines. He then took me in and showed me "my " mill. He ran me through all the bins and outs of its life in his shop, and all the crazy parts it's made. I asked the million dollar question at this point. " what ya want for it?" Looking puzzled he told me, " nothing, it's yours!" I was shocked. It's a well cared for piece of equipment. He told me he new it would serve me well and be going to a good home

So today it found it's new home in my shop. I'm very excited!!


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Great machine but much better story. Some people are just awesome. I hope to join him on the beach soon. Those machines were build 1 town over from me in Bridgeport CT. Many locals worked there. Jim
Now that's one of those stories I love to hear. There's a guy that knows you well and truly knew from a while ago that the machine had a lot of capabilities and should go to someone who would use it. I can only imagine how useful it will be in your endeavors. Congrats on the new equipment!
Sadly, as we all grow older, we try to think about who will take care of our stuff and who would make the best use of it. A lifetime of tool gathering and use is so often left without a beneficiary. The old people pass and the relatives sell it off cheap or just toss it and it goes unused. He knew the truth! You'll use it...
Lots of kindness and generosity in this world. You just don't hear enough about it.
Your story says a lot about him and you. You are a worthy recipient.
Thanks gents!! My buddy's family is great. I consider them my second parents hahaha
That's fantastic! One of the great things about a mill is you can ditch the drill press.....(or give it to a friend). Especially with a DRO. You'll do a lot less layout and probably lose your center punch. lol

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