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Either the 34 Plymouth coupe with 318/904 or even better the 73 Cuda with the 383/727 I built out of my grandfather's 68 wagon. Unfortunately I no longer have photos of either as the old album they were in was lost in our move from MO to TX almost 30 years ago.
I purchased a 1972 Chevelle SS from a guy in downtown Buffalo in 1977. No power steering, posi, 3;73 gears, no A/C, AM radio with a factory 8-track mounted under the dashboard. The guy bought it new to street race. The rear tires (on the gray factory wheels) were bald. He sold it cheap because it was not running right. It would run for about 10 minutes then shut down. It would start right up. Someone had stuffed newspaper in the tank and as it ran the deteriorated paper would clog the pickup screen. Of course it took a new fuel pump and filter to figure it out. After a few mods to the engine it was very quick and I never lost a race. It was painted a Ford gold/yellow that would change colors in certain light. Sold it for the downpayment for a house in Omaha.

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