This is one I really miss!

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Older and more rusted every day!
May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
We've all had cars we sold in the past & regretted it almost immediately... this is mine! What's yours?!? :eek::eek::eek:



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I had a 70 Duster and as much as I liked that car the one I wish I still had was my Dad's 73 Valiant 4dr. Thing had factory air, power brakes and steering and a 318. Would have been an awesome sleeper. My Dusters 300hp 273CI would have been nice in there. Jim
My 66 Falcon that I put a 351 Cleveland, FMX trans and a 3.88 posi geared 8" diff in. Ran 12.98 in the quarter, too much fun, cops only had to follow the rubber marks to find me...:D Don't even have pics, went through so many cars then, never had a camera :(t
1976 Trans Am 455 4 speed with factory Hurst shifter. No AC AM radio with 1 speaker, roll up windows, regular locks, no T-tops. Whoever ordered it was truly a car guy/girl/person :p
I had a bunch of nice cars but I miss my pos 77 dodge ramcharger AD100 the most. It was loud, smoked ,rattled, rusted, smelled bad in and out... just how I like it... :D

just for the looks and cool... I do miss my 70 Cuda every now&then.


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That one looks like my friends, tripper. Minus the flames.
It's got a hot 327 in it now. One day it will have a hotter 301 that we are building.:D
Like most of you. My list of cars is fairly long. But the one I miss the most would have to be my HS car. 1956 Mercury Montclair. 2 door hardtop. 312 with a merc-o- matic trans. Black with a black tuck and roll interior. Lots of good memories with that car.
As far as dollar value. 32 Ford 5 window coupe with a built flathead. Chopped and channeled on an OG 32 frame that had been Z'd. Legit 32 front axle that had been dropped. It was what is now called a "Survivor" hot rod.
No pics of the coupe have survived but here a re a few with the Merc and some of the rest of the fleet. circa 1975


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I miss my '63 Ranchero! Would love to find a nice '64-'65 Ranchero with a V8! [dr


A good friend of mine (Dan) had a '65 Falcon Sport Coupe, 289/auto. Dan was/is a machinist... so his 289/auto was handily modified, making for a nice, quick stoplight bruiser. [ddd

Anyhow, my buddy Dan was into the Falcons and Rancheros: Dan's wife drove a '65 Ranchero daily, six cylinder, three on the column. Dan had everything needed to make the V8 conversion, standard or automatic... unfortunately, his wife and the Ranchero were struck broadside, seriously injuring his wife and destroying the cool little Ranchero before Dan could make the V8 conversion. :(

The one that got away...

I bought my friend's '65 GTO... 389/ tri-power/ 4 speed car. I took a bank loan to buy the car... two weeks later, my wife said, "I'm pregnant."

I said, "Are you sure it's mine?" (She failed to see the humour.) My friend (Charlie) had a short list of serious buyers on file, so I reluctantly sold it to the next guy. I paid the loan out, no penalty, and built a nursery for my son. (I should have named him Del, short for DeLorean.)

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Out of all the cars I have had over the years, the one I really wish I could have back is a 47 Ford sedan I owned about 40 years ago. A guy was going through a divorce and I saw a little ad in the local newspaper, so I went to see it.

The car was deep green with a black tuck and roll upholstery job, and Rader mag wheels and whitewalls. It only had 50,000 miles on it, and the previous owner put small block Chevy engines in it, and kept blowing them up street racing, so he would put it back in the garage for a few years until he could afford to build a new motor. Then he would blow that one up.

The car was absolutely spotless. I used to lay on a creeper and stare at the undercarriage, it was clean as a whistle.

A few months after I bought it, I got a job offer in Florida and needed the money to move and didn't have a way to transport the car anyway, so I sold it. First guy to come bought it on the spot.

That is one that I really wish I had back. :(
Had to think about this???

I would have to say 1970 VW Bug, mostly because I bought it new and had it for 30 years and two wives. :(


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Mine would be the 1966 Dodge Charger, which I owned from 1977 to 1982, a mint Carolina car, "rose gold" 383 4bbl, automatic, but no AC, no power steering or anything.

I bought it very cheap from a young guy that thought it had a bad engine, even had the non fouling plug on one cylinder. Turned out it was a bad plug wire.
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This is the summer of 1980...the car was a really really rotted out 1968 Chevy Camaro, this was a 6 cylinder class we ran in...I would love to find one similar and rebuild it again...

This was most of the Chevy guys ran back then...we also had Ford Mustangs and Barracudas and Dodge Darts was an awesome time to be involved in racing...

When I was thick into selling real estate I always had a nice 4-door. This 2001 Lincoln Continental had every avail option that year & was a couch on wheels but had the 32 valve motor that would really scoot! Love me some hot rod Lincolns!!!



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My old drag bug. 70 body on a full tube chassis. Hurt a lot of feelings at the local tracks. 2nd pic is how it looks now running 6.20's-30's


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