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Out and about on this fine sunny spring day and spotted this Mach I. I believe the car has been in our little town since it was new, I've known the car for at least 25 years but had not seen it out for a couple seasons...........kudos to Stan for bringing it out today [cl[cl


This is probably cheating for a traffic pic as one of the cars is mine. On the way to a swap meet/car show this morning, Ron ('36 Ford), Pinky('40 Chevy) and I stopped at Denny's for breakfast.
This one made many trips down Oswego Drag Strip back in the day
Bobby has done a great job keeping it alive, part of the River Rat Crew
oswego drag day 149.jpg
I saw this big boy sittin' on the side of the road down the street form my house. It had an old generator on the back that was kool... wish I had gotten a shot of it too but we were in a hurry!



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Dudes... you don't see this too often. I got my '57 Ranchero runnin' again & was goin' over to the car wash & here's what I saw. I've seen cars turned over on the freeway but never on a surface street. Someone was really movin'!!! WHOA!!!


Holy crap Tripper is that on 59 and Main? :eek:
didn't quite get this one to come out right. The yellow fender is a 66 mustang. he was following the 3 car trailer up ahaed with a 55 nomad on back, a flamed 53 chevy truck and a stock model A up front.


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