My Tupelo bad luck hasn't changed

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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going to Tupelo to the Blue Suede Cruise. Every time I've went, I've had bad luck. A couple of years, had rain and thunderstorms. Drug part of the exhaust off the Maverick one year. Two years in a row, had problems with the motor home. The Corvette had starting problems. The Firebird had lighting troubles. First time I went in the Lincoln, I lost an axle bearing and had brake problems. This time, stupid AN pressure hose on the power steering stating spraying, losing the power steering. It also wanted to run warm in traffic, something it's never done before, as well as a constant miss under power mostly. I've had it!:eek:

We ended up leaving early this morning, no way I was going to try and maneuver through all those nice cars without power steering. I filled up the PS, it was nearly empty by the time we got to the big road. Said screw it, came on home.

I just set down and made a list of parts to order next week. New steering box with more turns lock to lock so I can turn better, new PS pump. Gonna start tearing the steering down next week. It ain't coming back out until this crap is settled!
Sounds like a lot of whack a mole going on to get to Tupelo. Especially when distance is involved. But it’s what we do and the risks involved, I hope you get this resolved.
I hate it when that happens! Usually, for me, once that cycle starts one thing just leads to another! :eek:

Batteries in my camera died, and I had forgot to carry spares like I usually do, so no pics other than this one I snagged off of the book of faces. Look closely and you can see my car at the end of the line.

I took off the pump, lines and box today. Line failed right at the fitting. Ordered a brand new pump, box, and PTFE line and fittings, should be here Thursday. Going to try and get it all together before Saturday, have a good show I like to go to every year.

Also decided now is the time to dig out the 3.55 gears and change them out, maybe next week. Depends on how easy they come out.

I may be down, but not out! With a little more work and improvements, it'll get where I want it. :D


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