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This shot was taken from Tired Iron's rear view of my 51 Chev, heading home from the Redneck Rumble. I followed due to no speedometer, we was running average 65mph & 70mph for about 4-1/2 hours.


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Saw this when I went to the office supply store yesterday. Car was owned by a young 'un. Nice kid & he took a picture of my '57 next to his. For some reason my photo of both didn't come out so I'm gonna go back & retake it!



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Coupe on the way home

I saw this coupe on the way home the other day...sitting on the side of the road in downtown st. pete.



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Every day driver

We are in a car club where that is the main rule . It's got to be a driver . We're a small group but dedacated to our cars . Even the wife drives the 64 everyday. My 50 f-1 is close to being on the road and will be a driver. I can't wait to pull up on construction sights in my rod .
Saw these on a vacation a couple years back. The sedan I think was in the Painted Desert - not sure why?


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I can't wait to get mine finished. Driving everyday, everywhere!!! Work, store, take the kids to school, Heck- my oldest son wants to take it for prom!!! Oh yeah, its winter in the mid-west...thank goodness for heated garage!!! But, MAN, I cant wait for spring and the first test drive!!!!

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