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I see your ridiculous Ford, and raise you one even more ridiculous Ford :eek:


Man... that's just WRONG!!! :eek::eek::eek:

They mighta pulled it off if they would have extended the wheelbase and got the 'bed' balanced out right.
You never saw a Ford Fairmont Ranchero???

Very often? I don't think I've ever seen one until now. [S

Out of sheer, morbid curiosity...

Wow....Actually, neither have I...kid next door to me has a fairmont moredoor we dropped a turbo'd 4 banger in it.....runs good but the body is coming apart from the rust....:eek: runs decent though...:D
A buddy called me last week and asked if I wanted to ride shotgun. Said he was going to look at two Cadillac station wagons. :confused:

No pictures in the ad, and we didn't see them before they were gone, but apparently one had a lift-off top like the Broncos and Rancheros had. [S

I called BS. Then I went poking around on Google...



I found that image here...
You're probably right, Sam. I don't think the seller had a clue, but I wish I could have seen them all the same.

Did you check that link? Some nice "family truckster" creations in there. :rolleyes:
It was a flower car. I used to work at Cadillac and worked on them all through the years. Even on a 2010 Deville with a pickup style back / flower car. :D
Nice sunny spring weekend here, wish I could say the Willys is ready for traffic but alas it is not:( Spotted a couple other folks out enjoying the weather though........

Spotted this nice Nova on Saturday....


Saw a friend out today with his '64 Chevy II but didn't get a pic. Did snap a couple of this fine F-1 though.....



He's a local guy, the truck runs a big block Ford sitting in a Plymouth Volare front clip. He's also building a '40 Ford car with a 'Flattie'
Hard to take picture from the cab of a big truck, but here ya go....
fire chief car really caught me off guard.


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Saw this on the freeway this morning, don't see one of these too often these daze! :eek:



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Been seeing a lot of folks driving their rods so far this spring :cool:

Spotted this T-Bucket in the local Lowes parking lot the other evening. I didn't recognize it and as the wife and I shopped I looked around to see who looked like the type that might have been driving it. I spotted this guy who looked the part but he was carrying a box (weed eater or something?) as big as the car so I ruled him out [S As we walked out door I saw him leaving..........with his big box :D

My daughter snapped this one tonight as we picked up the '57 from my in-laws where it has been stored all winter.........


.......there's a local cruise-in Friday night I hope to go to and then a show Sunday at a Vocational School where a friend of mine teaches. So if I can get it cleaned up a bit and fix a couple minor things I might get in some cruising fun this weekend :cool:

Sitting in the parking lot at work this morning. Sorry the pic is pretty dark and blurry. Couldn't really see what my phone was taking a picture of. Come to find out it is one of my friends that has it. He has never said anything about it to me before and apparently he has had it for about 6 years. Says the body is all original (looking close up at it I would believe him). Needs a little body work, but I think its a nice little machine.
More and more of this car burning is goin on.
They used to just go for a joy ride then get out and the owner would get them back. WTH ?
It makes me sad a mad at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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