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At the Best Western Plus in Wendover NV / UT.. I'm not sure what it is. Stuff from the 20's and 30's all looks the same to me. It was on the small side.

34 Master
At least the hood is 34
A friend of mine has an all original one that he's gonna street rod, one of these days.
Saw this nice truck when I was in Houston last week! [dr



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Saw this the other day.. at the old pabst in Milwaukee... freshly returned from a vineyard in CA

i want this one....

owner reckoned she needed a bit of work...

I would've thought not...


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a couple more i ...

..spied while out today

definitely E,man !!


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This gem showed up at the post office. 1967 originally bought by his grandmother. 68,000 original miles 194 with a 3 spd on the column.

jfg455, one of my all-time favorites.

Mine too...My buddy had a 65 hard top in HS (80's) with a 400 sbc.

I was talking to him and he said a bunch of little stuff was going bad with it IE: heater core let go, needed to replace the rubber hoses through out, clean the fuel system etc. But he was in great spirits about it and loved putting around town in it. [cl

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