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Me too, in my younger days I had one of those with a 392 Hemi, the push button trans was mounted sideways where the radio went..looked like the radio until you looked closer.

Sorry I saw this at the last min. and stuck the camera out the window held the shutter button down and took a bunch of frames in hopes I would get something as I drove by.
I like the old single cab vws. That one looks like it needs rockers.
This is my buddy's '70 Vette! He did a total frame-off! Paint is from a new Caddy. This car is absolutely beautiful & sounds great!!! It won 1st place in class @ last year's Houston Autorama.



sweet, that thing is mint. i'd love to put a hood and side pipes like that on mine. dang smog laws :mad:
Sweet '59 wagon!!!

IK've seen this beauty crusin' the freeway several times but could never get close enough to take a picture. Saw it parked! Has beautiful painted on chrome!



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When I was in the A.F., I was sent to Tonapah, Nev for 2 wks. I spent the entire 2 wks drivin around the desert looking for old cars. The very best advocate that I saw, for drivin what you build, was the Mayor of the town, drivin his RPU to and from City Hall every day. The folks in the town said he drove it rain or shine. Only time he didn't drive it was in heavy snow or ice storm.

Heres some I saw on my way to get petrol today at lunch


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the wood rat

this is the biggest rat rod ive ever seen
i dont know much about it it is covered with christmas lights and is on a trailer
im thinking parade float????who knows
the other coupe is parked 20 feet from it and there is a corvair behind it found this in phoenix while i was driving around for work


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Rats Nest

I'm not positive but I think that first one is Trippers old motorhome:D

Yep, I called it... The Rats Nest!!! Unfortunately is was stolen while I was on vacation last year! FYI: There is still a .50 cent cash reward for it's safe return! ; - >

Hi Timbo In Australia The that's a Ford Prefect Van from about 1960 something. With a 4 cylinder of about 1600 cc
Out and about on Sunday or as my friend from BC would say oot and aboot.

The first one was at Golds Gym...must not have power steering:D


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Wife drug me to town to check out the holiday sales...


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Ok, my turn to post some photos. Most of the photos are cars of our club members, (Lone Wolf Street Rodders). Some are for sale, and I'll list those at the end.


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Here's more photos:


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